Tucker Carlson and Bill Nye Get Heated on Fox News During Debate on Climate Change

Feb 28, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A debate between Bill Nye and Tucker Carlson on Carlson’s Fox News show about climate change, and specifically climate change deniers, is getting a lot of attention after the two men got a bit worked up over the issue.

Here’s the clip, posted by Fox News …


  1. Bill Nye showed why he’s NOT “The Science Guy” in this interview. If being “smug” and “all knowing” were enough to prove a scientific theory, Nye would be fine. Unfortunately, it’s not. Science is about “facts” not “feelings.” Also, science is about continuing to question what are apparent “truths” either to strengthen those truths, or to spur a closer, more questioning look. Nye is not interested in any debate. In fact, it’s very hard to convince people that your argument has merit when all you can do is doggedly stick to your talking point that the “science is settled” despite widespread disagreement on the subject.

  2. But, the science IS settled. Just because you don’t want to believe it, doesn’t make it wrong. If you believe 2+2 is 5, that doesn’t make it so.

  3. Assuming the science is settled. The question that has to be asked is whether there is a limit, where the return is not worth the cost. What has been done to this point by the US were the things that needed to be done. The carbon emissions from the US have been reduced to the point where further cost for very minimal return is too much. Now our efforts need to be forcing India, China and other huge carbon emitters to reduce to the level that the US has already reduced. The minimal amounts that the US can still reduce cannot make up for what is being put out by the rest of the world. With the levels that they are producing any more spending in the US and by US taxpayers needs to be put on hold because it is not really effective. The trillions that are scheduled to be spent by US taxpayers over the next decade needs to be put into entitlement programs and infrastructure. When the others reach the levels that the US has reached, then we can reconsider what we are spending.

  4. Guilty Cleric makes good points, but I’m sorry Scott, the science is FAR from settled. Everyone agrees “the climate is changing.” THAT’s settled. The idea that the world is going to end and people living in coastal areas will all die (and it will be OUR fault), or that man-made (anthropogenic) climate change is the reason the climate is changing, THAT my friend, is FAR from settled.

  5. It *is* fairly well-established throughout the scientific community that climate change is real, and there is a very real man-made influence, per the collective opinion of said community. Bill Nye is a celebrity, however, and has but a BS in Mechanical Engineering, so he is honestly not a true scientist. There are many more legitimate advocates than the guy who put on a science show for children, that’s fair to say.

  6. I have a B.S. in a STEM field, as well (B.S., Information Technology), so I have about as much credibility as he does, in terms of academic achievement, lol, but I cede to the greater scientific community which corroborates his claims.

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