Dystopian Movie Returns to Theaters as Protest Against Trump

Mar 30, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Theater owners nationwide are banding together to protest the Trump administration by doing what they do: showing a movie. The movie at the center of the protest is the dystopian drama “1984,” based on George Orwell’s novel.

The movie stars John Hurt and Richard Burton, and was released the same year in which the story is set, 1984.

About 190 art houses have joined the protest, calling themselves United State of Cinema. A list of the theaters that have signed on can be found at the group’s website. A few theaters in Canada, the U.K. and other countries are also participating. The special screenings are set for next Tuesday, April 4.

The AP quotes Dylan Skolnick, one of the organizers of the event and co-director of the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington, N.Y., saying: “It’s what’s in the air. People want to do something. This started with a conversation about: ‘We need to do something. Well, what do we do? We show movies.’ So the obvious answer was: We should show a movie.”

The novel “1984” has already been surging back up the bestseller charts, along with other dystopian fiction.

“Cinemas around the country are increasingly programming with political protest in mind, playing movies that have newfound resonance for those who disagree with the policies of the Republican president.,” the AP notes. “In May, some 60 theaters are planning to screen films from the predominantly Muslim nations targeted by Trump’s proposed travel ban. That initiative has been dubbed the Seventh Art Stand and billed as ‘an act of cinematic solidarity against Islamophobia.'”


  1. What a JOKE. And Hollywood wonders, with the exception of a film here or there, why they are becoming more and more irrelevant. They really should have re-released “1984” back when Obama was elected. That’s the epitome of “Big Brother.” What kind of films come from “predominantly Muslim nations” ??? What subject matter do they deal with? Trump Derangement Syndrome is flourishing…

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