Hannity Lashes Out at CBS Over Koppel Tape

Mar 27, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Fox News Channel host Sean Hannity is angry about CBS’s handling of his interview with veteran newsman Ted Koppel, which was incorporated into a report by “CBS Sunday Morning” about America’s political polarization.

The full 10-minute-plus report from the CBS show can be seen by clicking here. CBS included only two brief segments from the interview in the report, which aired Sunday.

The AP reports that Hannity wants CBS to release the full tape of the interview, which Hannity says runs about 45 minutes.

“Hannity, in a series of tweets, criticized the report as ‘fake edited news. I did about a 45-minute interview with CBS. They ran less than two. Why did Ted cut out my many examples of media bias?’ He called on CBS to release the unedited interview so people could see the ‘games’ being played by editors,” the AP reports.

“Hannity didn’t indicate that his words were edited to make them appear misleading; he just seemed upset that so much got left on the cutting-room floor,” the AP story adds. “CBS News didn’t respond to Hannity’s request Monday. Koppel said he was content to let the story speak for itself.”


  1. Hannity is a steaming piece of ten story high dog crap … and speaking of canine … he is Trump’s fury little lap dog and mouth piece … hear boy, hear boy, sit … beg, roll over … that’s a good boy!

  2. Bob, that’s a pretty nice description of the vast majority of entire media outlets during the Obama era.

    It is funny how pathetic and foolish it makes everyone involved appear.

  3. Hannity’s nothing more than a propagandist for the far far right wing Nazis.

  4. Does Shawn release all the raw video from every interview he does?

  5. I miss Walter Cronkite … “Hannity the Hand Puppet” for Trump is confusing the hell out of many people who bought into the big Trump promise … Obama may have had issues as well but left the White House in with a sense of class … Mr. TRUMPet is just blowing his big horn and making big noise via people like Hannity … its an orchestra that I have no interest in …

  6. As a former news editor for a network morning show, I can change the bias of pretty much any interview. It’s a sad comment on the industry, that there is no middle anymore. Not sure how to fix it!

  7. Hannity has put himself in a public position. As such he needs to understand:
    1) Criticism is always going to be there
    2) Often truth hurts
    3) A true leader takes criticism and uses it to improve themselves.

  8. Richard, I am the Program Director for a CBS Affiliate. You’re right…there is no middle anymore…and there is no fixing it. Cable network news started all this by taking the objectivity out of news reporting and broadcasting. As a M-F television employee I cherish my news free weekends.

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