LAPD Says Everyone Can Stop Worrying About Richard Simmons

Mar 10, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The LAPD checked in on fitness guru Richard Simmons, who has been the focus of disturbing rumors since he disappeared from public view in 2014, and authorities determined that he’s just fine, USA Today reports.

The report quotes Officer Drake Madison saying that police did a wellness check on Simmons and “he was fine.”

“In February 2014, Simmons stopped showing up for the fitness classes he had been teaching for 40 years. Since then, Simmons’ only public appearance has been a trip to the hospital for dehydration in 2016,” USA Today reports.

“For some people, this is suspicious or at least puzzling, especially to podcast host Dan Taberski, whose Missing Richard Simmons podcast is gaining listeners with a weekly examination of where he might be,” the story reports. “The theories have included the fears of his former masseuse and friend, Mauro Oliveira, that Simmons is being controlled by his housekeeper.”

USA Today quotes Simmons’ spokesman, Tome Estey, saying in an email: “Yes, he’s fine, as I have been saying for the last six weeks and the last six months. I’m not aware of who asked for the Wellness Check but it wasn’t I nor anyone else in Richard’s camp, as we all know he is fine.”

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  1. I don’t know…until we can see him being interviewed, it’s hard to tell. Reminds me of Howard Hugh….

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