The Smart Money Was on ‘La La Land’ to Win Best Picture — Why the Pundits Got It Wrong

Mar 1, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Almost all of the experts handicapping the Oscars picked “La La Land” to win Best Picture, and for a moment on Sunday night, they appeared to be right. Until they were all wrong, and “Moonlight” wound up with the trophy.

Writing in The Hollywood Reporter, Stephen Galloway — who admits to being one of the journalists who had it wrong — says there’s an explanation: “Just as so many of us discovered during the recent presidential election, we’ve lost touch with the voters.”

Galloway notes that to almost all of the pundits, “The thought of the Academy rewarding a $1.5 million movie with an all-black cast its top award was unimaginable — a movie, at that, that had failed to win the big litmus-test awards.”

He adds: “During the presidential election, prognosticators overlooked vast swaths of the country teeming with anger and ready for change; during the Oscar campaign, our own prognosticators overlooked a large group of outsiders hailing from the indie and international worlds.”

We encourage readers to click here to read Galloway’s full analysis.

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