Was It Another Oscars Screwup? The Saga of Jennifer Aniston’s Missing — and Expensive — Sunglasses

Mar 1, 2017  •  Post A Comment

On a night of major missteps at the Oscars, actress Jennifer Aniston appears to have been the victim of yet another gaffe. The New York Post’s Page Six reports that Aniston lost a $625 pair of sunglasses when a skit took an unplanned turn.

The actress “thought she was just being a good sport” when she gave the shades to a random tourist brought on by Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel, the story reports, but a source told the paper Aniston didn’t realize she wouldn’t be getting them back.

The incident took place after Kimmel brought a busload of tourists into the theater “and immediately latched on to Gary Coe and his fiancee, Vicki Vines,” The Post reports. “When Kimmel found out the pair was engaged, he called on Aniston to reach into her purse and pull out a ‘wedding present’ for them.”

Aniston provided Vines with her Sama Eyewear sunglasses and the elated Vines immediately put them on.

“But it was just ‘supposed to be some kind of skit … [for Vines] to wear them like a movie star or something,’ the source said. ‘Then Denzel [Washington] did the “marriage”’ on stage, and the glasses were never returned,” The Post reports.

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