News Anchor in India Learns On-Air of Husband’s Death While Reporting on Traffic Collision

Apr 10, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“A news anchor discovered her husband had been killed in a car crash as she delivered the breaking news on live TV,” The New York Post reports, citing a report by the U.K. publication The Sun.

“Supreet Kaur, who reads the news for India’s IBC24 channel, somehow managed to retain her composure as a reporter gave details about the horrible accident over the phone,” the story reports. “The reporter didn’t identify the victims by name but said three out of five people in the car were dead.

“But there were enough details for the 28-year-old anchor to realize that her husband, Harsad Kawade, was one of the three.”

The report adds: “She realized that her husband had been traveling in the same model car, a Renault Duster, on the same road at the time with a group of friends.”

Kaur reportedly continued the news broadcast for another 10 minutes, but broke down soon after the broadcast was over.

Here’s a CNN report that includes clips of the IBC24 broadcast …

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