Almost All Viewing in U.S. by People 18 and Older Is Still Done on the TV Screen — Nielsen Crunches the Numbers

May 26, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A new analysis by The Nielsen Company may surprise people who think video consumption is rapidly shifting to mobile devices and computers. Nielsen’s examination of data in its Comparable Metrics Report for the fourth quarter of 2016 determined that more than 92% of all viewing by U.S. adults — age 18 and up — takes place on the TV screen.

The total share of gross minutes spent viewing directly on a television set was 82.1%, with another 10.3% allotted to TV-connected devices. Combining those figures, the total share for TV screens was 92.4%.

In contrast, the so-called “digital revolution” appears to have barely gotten off the ground. The analysis found that 5.1% of viewing took place on computers, with another 1.8% on smartphones and just 0.7% on tablets.

Peter Katsingris, senior VP of Audience Insights for Nielsen, commented: “What we found was that contrary to the popular narrative that smaller screens were taking away time from the TV glass, when we looked deeper we found that overall time spent viewing on the TV had the most minutes among every age or ethnic demographic looked at. In some cases the share of viewing was as much as 97%.”

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  1. I am not sure how the questions were asked. But if You Tube viewing was not included those numbers are skewed. My kids are 25 and 30. Other than sports they watch no network programming. They each spend about an hour or more a day watching You Tube shows. Any other television is off an Xbox app for Netflix or Amazon. Those numbers are pretty consistent with their friends according to my “survey”, which is not scientific.

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