CBS Pulls the Plug on Sitcom

May 16, 2017  •  Post A Comment

A CBS comedy series has been hit with the cancellation ax. Confirming the cancellation of “The Odd Couple” via social media, co-star Yvette Nicole Brown sent out a tweet saying: “Sadly we’ve reached our end. It was a JOY working alongside this great cast, creative team & crew! To those who watched #YouAreTheRealMVPs”

The show, which starred Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon, lasted three seasons, ending its run in January.

Perry apparently saw the end coming as early as last week, sending out the tweet below on April 10 …


  1. CBS waited three years to long to get ride of this terrible version of The Odd Couple….IT STUNK!!! It is what happens when you overpay for nigh price non-talent. Now will they get ride of Code Black next! It is to bad that other more deserving shows got the ax, and this crap was left on the air.

    • I was so upset that I typed “ride” instead of “rid”….twice!

  2. One more example that this constant lack of creativity in Hollywood is killing the Networks. It is all recycles and reality shows. When they get a good show like Designated Survivor they force too many episodes and water the show down. The reason the networks are losing to Cable networks, Netflix and Amazon is that limited episode programs provide the ability to stay focused on the premise of the show. It also provides the opportunity to get top actors as it isn’t a major interference with their lives. The networks can regain their place if they start to look at what is being done by the competition.

    • You probably don’t remember but way back when, a TV season had 26 or more episodes. Now they call 8, 10, and 13 episodes a season, but for a full run show like NCIS, 22 episodes.

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