Why McDonald’s Apologized for Running This Ad — And Belatedly Decided to Take It Off the Air

May 16, 2017  •  Post A Comment

The McDonald’s fast-food chain issued an apology for running a commercial that sparked accusations that the company was trivializing a bereaved child who had lost his father.

MediaPost reports that the ad, which has been running in the U.K., features a widow and her “sad-looking” son in a McDonald’s restaurant. “He’s looking for a connection to his dead father and the mom tells him that his dad liked the chain’s fish filet sandwich, just like he does,” MediaPost reports.

A McDonald’s spokesman provided a statement to the U.K. publication The Guardian, saying: “We apologize for any upset this advert has caused. This was by no means an intention of ours.”

Initially, the spokesman reportedly told the publication the ad would remain on air, despite a torrent of social media outrage. But The Guardian later reported that the ad was being pulled.

Here’s the ad, posted by The Guardian …


  1. Simply sick.

  2. What is? The commercial? Or the outcry?

  3. I saw nothing wrong with it. Why are people such…oh, never mind.

  4. I’m offended by this ad and every other ad that promotes a product or service I don’t like. I’m also offended by this article for not taking a stand and stating that that no one else should like this ad either. Mostly I’m offended by these comments. Dare not respond with anything but assent for my statements. Remember there are now 10’s of millions of others just like me that will demand that you beg for forgiveness in your public statement of apology.

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