President Trump Reportedly Told FBI Director Comey to Jail Journalists Who Publish Classified Information That’s Been Leaked to Them

May 16, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“President Trump told ousted FBI Director James Comey to consider jailing journalists who publish classified information at the same meeting where he implored him to drop the bureau’s investigation into General Mike Flynn, it has been claimed,” reports the United Kingdom newspaper the Daily Mail. 

The story continues, “Both claims were made by an ‘associate’ of the ousted FBI chief who read aloud the memo’s contents to The New York Times on Tuesday.

The article adds, “The White House vehemently denied the associate’s claim that the president tried to block the Russian investigation but it has not responded to the accusation regarding jailing journalists.

The story also notes that under the administration of President Obama, “In 2013, the Justice Department sparked outrage among the global media by seizing the phone records of Associated Press journalists without warning.

“Later, Attorney General Eric Holder said the move was prompted by a 2012 report on a foiled Al Qaeda plot in Yemen to blow up an airliner.

“Holder said the AP’s coverage of how the US prevented the atrocity ‘put the American people at risk.’”

To read more details about this item please click here, which will take you to the Daily Mail’s original article.


  1. Somehow, it seems only journalists are shocked by this!

  2. The Democrats have once again proven that they are better organized and more unified than the Republicans. They also are better strategists. They are putting out a major “accusation” from an “unnamed source” each day, just as the prime network newscasts are prepping for the evening news shows. This then takes over the news cycle for the evening eliminating any real news of the day and allowing Democratic talking heads to get on the network news. Also, all of the evening talking head opinion shows on cable attacking the President and Republicans, use this unnamed source as the centerpiece for their shows. What is even better is that they have compromised Fox News as it is required to cover this daily story, just in case the story may turn out to be true. This is complete genius on the part of the Democrats and shows why they will soon be back in charge of Congress after the 2018 election.

  3. If you or I disseminated classified information, you can bet we’d be in jail. It’s illegal and possibly treasonous (depending upon what is leaked). I have no problem with any journalist revealing degrading, demoralizing, disgusting, immoral or any other type of degrading information about anyone, liberal or conservative. What I do have a problem with is someone leaking classified information. Having spent much of my 24 years of military service in the Intelligence Branch, part of my responsibilities was keeping classified information classified. I want to see anyone that leaks classified information jailed and any journalist that knowingly publishes classified information also jailed. If the leaked classified information was about me, or one of my fellow soldiers, it could have gotten us killed. I’m sure the “leaker” and the “publisher” would apologize if we got killed. But no apology in the world would have brought us back.

    • Is this an endemic problem, though? I agree that classified stuff is handled a certain way for good reasons (usually anyway). But outside of the activities of mostly-anonymous “whistleblower” sites like Wikileaks, how many times have the traditional press disclosed classified information? I can’t really remember any. Maybe what Buzzfeed did in leaking that wild and likely spurious dossier on Trump’s Russia associations a couple months ago, but outside of that…?
      I don’t disagree that there is a responsibility there in how classified or sensitive information should be handled and that must be balanced against the public’s right to know what their leadership is doing. But based on Trump’s comments and track record so far this seems to be less about “national security” and more about not tarnishing his administration’s image, instead. I concede I have no real evidence to advance there, it’s just a supposition on my part.

  4. According to the new Freedom of Trump Act … everyone is going to jail … I even heard that American born citizens can now be deported to countries like Yemen …
    Hali to the Chief … Long Live Lord Trump!

  5. The Democrats are too full of hate to win back any seats. Hillary and Company single-handedly destroyed the party.

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