Why, Despite Soft Ratings, Showtime Loved the Debut of ‘Twin Peaks’

May 25, 2017  •  Post A Comment

On the heels of the widely reported soft viewer turnout for Showtime’s “Twin Peaks” premiere Sunday on the linear channel, the pay-cable net is celebrating record activity on its streaming service — apparently prompted by “Twin Peaks.”

“The show will most likely see the lion’s share of its viewership in delayed viewing,” Variety reports, noting that Showtime said Sunday was its single biggest signup day in history for the Showtime streaming service.

“Immediately following the premiere, Showtime offered subscribers access to the third and fourth parts across the streaming service and on-demand,” Variety notes. “Those two hours will then air back-to-back on May 28, followed by single parts in subsequent weeks.”

Viewership for the show continues to climb, with the initial total of 506,000 viewers reported by Nielsen having already risen to 1.1 million with repeat telecasts, streaming and on-demand viewing.


  1. Who cares nowadays about ratings? We live in a new world of subscriptions and renowned series. This masterpiece cannot be judged by ratings or even viewers. This is our Michelangelo of our time. For sure it deserves another season and we’ll get it!!!!

  2. Showtime’s creative fiddling and fidgeting with the low numbers won’t change the fact that this silly reboot is garbage.

  3. Not nearly as silly as Prison Break, which is totally ridiculous. How much blood can you lose before passing out?!

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