Trump Releases Comey Attack Ad — Here It Is

Jun 7, 2017  •  Post A Comment

“In what appears to be a political media first, a Super Pac controlled by President Trump has released an ad attacking the character of a witness in advance of a highly anticipated Senate hearing,” MediaPost reports. “The ad, entitled ‘Showboat,’ was released Tuesday by Trump’s Great America Alliance and attacks the character of former FBI Director James Comey, who is scheduled to speak publicly Thursday morning during a Senate hearing.”

The spot is reportedly scheduled to air on national TV during the hearing.

“Citing alt right news reports such as Breitbart News, American Spectator and AlternNet, the campaign attacks Comey as putting ‘politics over protecting America’ and concludes with the tagline: ‘Just another DC insider in it for himself,'” the story reports.

Here’s the spot …


  1. ‘politics over protecting America’

    That’s true, he did. Just before the election, rather than announce that the FBI is investigating treason from the Republican side, he released information about Clinton’s old emails.

    Forgot about that, did you Breitbart?

  2. Gilbert ?? Are you off your meds again???

  3. Ahhh…pull quotes from Breitbart? That’s like quoting The Onion. It ain’t real folks.

  4. Wow this seems hugely unethical.

    45 ran on not being a traditional politician. That’s turned out to be quite true… he’s even WORSE than a traditional politician. I gotta say I’m a bit surprised. I thought he’d bone it up, but… this is a friggin circus. And the worst news is that it’s OUR circus, and yes, he’s our monkey, too. Sigh.

  5. This is so beyond trashy that it defies description

  6. Just wow…what an utter, total lack of class this ad demonstrates. I wonder if it’s actually going to air anywhere, or if it is purely an online ad?

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