David Letterman Urges People to ‘Stop Whining’ About Trump

Jul 11, 2017  •  Post A Comment

David Letterman opened up about Donald Trump — including late-night television’s obsession with mocking him — in an interview with the AP.

The interview, in which Sen. Al Franken also participated, focused on climate change, but Letterman was also asked whether he misses the opportunity to be a part of the current late-night feeding frenzy focused on the Trump administration.

“We know there’s something wrong, but what I’m tired of is people, daily, nightly, on all the cable news shows telling us there’s something wrong,” Letterman said. “I just think we ought to direct our resources and our energies to doing something about it.”

Letterman added: “I know there’s trouble in this country and we need a guy who can fix that trouble. I wish it was Trump, but it’s not, so let’s just stop whining about what a goon he is and figure out a way to take him aside and put him in a home.”

Asked to comment on Kathy Griffin’s recent skit featuring a mockup of Trump’s severed head, Letterman said: “She made a joke. Others have made jokes that were better or worse. And she just had to answer for it. … I felt bad for her.”

He added: “I would not have made the joke. I think and say things to my friends that are worse. But he’s so sensitive. He doesn’t understand why people aren’t nicer to him in the press and you just say, well, ‘Donnie, look at the tone of the campaign that you ran.'”


  1. Letter-Dude, stick to something you KNOW something about…LIKE CLIMATE CHANGE !!! HAHAHAHAHAHA !! 🙂

    • You are obviously an unrepentant jerk.

  2. Only thing that has ever been funny about Letterman is his beard!

    “Senator Al Franken”… now that’s funny!

  3. I love Dave and feel a void since he left television . With this said, I do not care for his politics. lol

  4. Letterman says to stop whining about Trump… before whining about Trump.

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