New TV Series to Examine ‘Evil Things’

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A new TV series set to premiere next month gets up close and personal with objects purported to possess evil qualities. The series, “Evil Things,” premieres Friday, Sept. 15, on TLC, leading out from the season two premiere of “Kindred Spirits.”

“Each episode of ‘Evil Things’ features two stories of people who claim they’ve survived frightening paranormal activity caused by a haunted object ranging from toys to jewelry and even furniture,” TLC says in today’s announcement, adding: “Based on compelling first-person accounts, each twisted mystery exposes the sinister secrets hiding within seemingly innocent items … some of which could be sitting in your own home right now.”

The premiere includes a story about a backpacking trip gone horribly wrong, along with an examination of some disturbing videotapes that were found hidden behind a false wall.

Click here to read more of the terrifying details in the full announcement from TLC — if you dare!



  1. Nikki D’Amico is amazing!

  2. Good show. Give it 7 out of 10. Similar to My Haunted House.

  3. Really dumb and overblown show. The actors and actresses who portray the “real people” are nearly always chewing up the scenery, and the writing is unbelievably juvenile.

    The most ridiculous episode so far is the one called “Agatha”, where a self- absorbed millennial takes a job as a companion and immediately starts snooping, as well as broadcasting information about the house and her employer on the internet. I was rooting for the “paranormal forces” at this point to drive this nosy drama queen out.

    The other vignette was “The Honeymoon”, where the bride hallucinates – but instead of going to a doctor, she just assumes it’s paranormal. Again, completely unbelievable.

    They should not bill this as “based on true stories” because clearly it is not.

  4. I like Paranormal Witness, A Haunting, and all other shows like this. This one, however feels staged. The people portraying the actual people of which the story is based around seem like unseasoned actors poorly delivering emotion. At least in Paranormal Witness you’ll get a Midwestern hausfrau who you can tell is the real deal. Whether the story is or not is another story, but at least the people delivering seem genuine. I actually shut it off last night because I might as well watch something scripted. At least it has some production value.

  5. These comments r spot on, the actors trying to portray the supposed real people r horrible, the way they try to convey emotion makes me cringe, it’s so over dramatic that I would be surprised if this continues too stay on

  6. I don’t understand, if these are true stories, why are there actors playing out the stories, and then actors playing the real people???? Where the hell are the real people?? Are you telling me that a normal person can’t tell their own story? I can understand an actor doing the reenactment, but hiring more actors to play the people who “experienced” the events? Tells me it’s all fake right there. That takes any sense of truth or mystery right out of the story and makes it not scary at all. Makes it just about as scary as a made for t.v. weekly drama on one of the main networks about a haunted house. If you know someone just wrote the story for a bunch of actors, then it isn’t scary at all. Now I’m wondering if ALL of these paranormal shows on now are just written by a bunch of screenwriters sitting around a table trying to decide which B level actor they are going to have play the part of the “real” person that suffered such a”terrifying ordeal”. What a bunch of bullshit. Glad I looked up the character list on IMBD, I would have been watching this crap thinking it might be real, just saved myself a lot of time. Think I’ll watch the fake news instead.

  7. Does anyone know who the real killer was on the videotape episode?

  8. Why does this TV Series have minimal diversity with the stories being told . The stories seem to only impact White people and no other races. I have yet to see a black family tell their story about their paranormal experience. I personally have a story to tell, but don’t think these production agencies will ever listen to a REAL LIFE PARANORMAL EXPERIENCE INVOLVING A BLACK FAMILY FROM THE MIDWEST.

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