Bill O’Reilly Calls Las Vegas Shooting ‘The Price of Freedom’

Oct 3, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly went public with his reaction to Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas, posting an article Monday on his website in which he wrote: “This is the price of freedom. Violent nuts are allowed to roam free until they do damage, no matter how threatening they are.

“The Second Amendment is clear that Americans have a right to arm themselves for protection. Even the loons.”

O’Reilly also wrote: “The murderer had a number of deadly weapons in his room and you can count on the gun control debate to ramp up.

“But having covered scores of gun-related crimes over the years, I can tell you that government restrictions will not stop psychopaths from harming people.

“They will find a way.”

O’Reilly adds: “Public safety demands logical gun laws but the issue is so polarizing and emotional that little will be accomplished as there is no common ground.”


  1. Bullshit.

  2. Maybe O’Reilly someday will witness the “Price of Freedom” with some gun freak in his shady life …

  3. O’Reilly is a hate monger and for a smart person, a complete moron.

  4. Many people do not understand why our Founding Fathers put the 2nd Amendment into the Constitution. It was to protect the citizens from governmental tyranny. It sounds so “politically correct” to scream, “ban all guns” but the truth is the cities with the most restrictive gun laws in the country are the ones that have the most killings with guns. Chicago is the worst example, yet if someone wants a gun in Chicago, they can get it illegally. If our forefathers hadn’t had guns, we’d all be speaking with a British accent.

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