CBS Announces New Original Comedy Series, to Run Only on Digital Service

Oct 4, 2017  •  Post A Comment

CBS announced plans this week to roll out a new original comedy series on its subscription streaming service CBS All Access. The series, “No Activity,” will premiere Nov. 12 — timed to coincide with the conclusion of chapter one of “Star Trek: Discovery.”

The series stars co-creator Patrick Brammall and Tim Meadows along with guest stars Mark Berry, Arturo Castro, Mackenzie Davis, Bridget Everett, Will Ferrell, Jake Johnson, Jesse Plemons, Amy Sedaris and others.

New episodes will be released weekly on Sundays exclusively for CBS All Access subscribers.

Please click here to see additional guests and other details in the full announcement Wednesday from CBS.


  1. Just keep digging that hole.

  2. It should be called CBS Limited or Little Access. I actually subscribe to the service and some programs like Big Bang Theory have only (1) or (2) episodes available period meaning the current episodes that have aired this season so far. All previous seasons are no where to be found on CBS “All Access”. There are other popular CBS series that have very little actual episodes available. Some programs just have “Clips” available that may limited to 30 seconds to a few minutes. A show like Elementary just has “Clips” available even though it has been on the air for a number of seasons. I guess they expect you to go purchase or watch Big Bang Theory somewhere else. There are a number of old television series that do have complete season episodes.

    Don’t call your service CBS All Access when it just isn’t true.

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