Hannity Shifts His Position on Controversial Senate Candidate After Advertisers Exit His Fox News Show — Here’s What He’s Saying Now

Nov 15, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Fox News regular Sean Hannity warned viewers ahead of his show Tuesday night that they might be surprised to hear his latest thoughts on embattled Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore — and then Hannity followed up by taking a much more harsh stance on allegations against Moore than he had in the past.

Hannity’s comments Tuesday night, which you can see in the clip below, focused on what Hannity calls “inconsistencies” in Judge Moore’s responses to allegations of past sexual misconduct. Hannity said he’s giving Moore 24 hours to address the inconsistencies or he needs to get out fo the Senate race.

The harder stance by Hannity comes after Hannity came under criticism from viewers who were unhappy with Hannity’s apparent support of Moore — and after a number of advertisers pulled out of his show, as we reported previously.

Here’s the clip from Hannity’s show Tuesday night, posted by Fox News …


  1. I think your headline is misleading: Hannity didn’t “change” his stance, and he didn’t do anything because of a couple of advertisers. Initially, he said he would be cautious in commenting on Judge Moore’s situation. What he said last night, was that after having Moore on his radio show and subjecting him to some tough questions, Hannity had doubts about the veracity and honesty of some of Moore’s comments.
    THAT is why he’s given Moore 24-hours to clarify some of his comments. Would that all TV news commentators have that kind of character.

  2. He’s a “character,” that’s for sure. A blithering idiot is a better description of yet another of the Murdoch clan who put their head in the sand when it comes to the truth. These right-wing bigots are doing nothing positive for the country with their fawning over Trumpy while the U.S. continues to be a laughing stock throughout the known world (except for the fruitcake running the Philippines). Though I worked for Fox (films & TV) I would refuse to return there if I was asked. A bunch of ninnies.

  3. With Donald Trump’s new all encompassing campaign, “Moore is Better” …
    – Moore Money (Urban Version – “Mo Money”)
    – Moore Lying
    – Moore Teen Sex
    – Moore Benefits for the Rich
    etc …
    Judge Moore is the perfect spokesman for such a far reaching campaign
    (for clarification, “Moore Teen Sex” was his idea for the campaign) –

  4. Hypocrisy… it’s what the left serves for dinner. First it was Weinstein is a great guy, then it was he has some issues. Now, it’s Harvey? He was never one of us. Moore, if the allegations are true, is a failed man who will finally reap the consequences of his failure, just like Weinstein. Hopefully we are getting to the place where young women can push back against men who use their position, money and power to gain sex. Hopefully, more women will expose men like this, the moment it happens and not wait 10, 20 40 years. Hopefully, parents teach their children to not take this kind of abuse and to stand and expose it, despite any potential cost as that is what true character is. Then again, there are women, especially in Hollywood who have no problem using their sexuality to get what they want and later will blackmail what was “consensual” sex. What a strange society we have become, where hooking up and casual sex is no big deal, until it is a big deal.

    Hannity did the right thing, he confronted the man asked for plausible explanations and got mealy palaver, so he passed judgement based on confrontation with the individual, not simple hearsay. Everything in today’s ratcheted up political climate becomes another wedge that separates us from being able to see the issues we have in common and work together to just pushing us into a greater divide that helps no one except those who believe they will pick up the pieces.

  5. Rob S. Thank You for bringing some well thought out points to this discussion. It’s clear Bo and Thane haven’t used their brains in a long time but are highly emotional and have “feelings” that run deep.

  6. Contrary to his walking back on the issue, Hannity DID “rush to judgement by assuming that the allegations were true. He did assume the role of judge and contrary to his own statements that he believes in “innocent until proven guilty” Hannity placed the entire burden of Proof upon Moore in giving him 24 hours to explain the “consistencies” in Moore’s response to the unsubstantiated allegations without demanding any evidence to support the allegations against Moore. Before an accused is tried, the accuser must make a case supported by some credible and timely evidence. Hannity did not demand any substantiation on the accusers’ part. In any case, what gives an arrogant overpaid ($29 million/year) talking head the right to “demand” anything from anyone? The power of the press has really gone to Hannity’s already significantly swollen head. He is no better than those talking heads he is fond of bashing because they rush to judgement about Trump. All Hannity really cares about is his and FOX’s rating. Note too, that the next day Hannity walked back his vile comments after receiving a letter from Moore that advised that he was pursuing legal action against the accuser(s). Apparently FOX did not want to be dragged into court and made a hasty walk back. Tenets of truth and justice seems to have escaped Hannity in this issue.

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