Pamela Anderson Defends Her Comments on Sexual Harassment — Here’s the Interview That Sparked a Backlash

Dec 1, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Actress Pamela Anderson is defending herself after getting blowback over comments she made when discussing sexual assault during an interview aired on “Megyn Kelly Today.” You can see the portion of the interview below that has come under scrutiny.

Anderson has been criticized for comments including: “You know what you’re getting into if you go to a hotel room alone.”

The former “Baywatch” star also said during the interview: “It was common knowledge that certain producers or certain people in Hollywood are people to avoid, privately.”

TMZ reports that Anderson was holding her ground after being accused of blaming the victims. She called Harvey Weinstein “a sexist pig and a bully,” and said of her comments on “Today,” “This is not victim blaming.”

Anderson also posted a response to her critics today on Instagram, which you can read in full by clicking here.

In the Instagram post, Anderson writes: “I’m trying to tell women as a survivor of childhood abuse myself – It is important to be proactive as an adult who knows better – in defending themselves. Don’t get in cars with strangers #rideresponsibly-Don’t go to Hotel rooms alone for an audition. Women are powerful and smart and we can use all our charms in more positive ways. I think it’s very smart to be proactive.”

Anderson continued to stand her ground when contacted by TMZ, telling the website she would “not get coerced into apology.”

“Pam says she wants perpetrators punished, but adds women need the ‘ability of self-protection,'” TMZ adds. “As for what type of self-protection, she says ‘There are a lot of self-protection courses. There is even a well known story of suffragettes learning martial arts.'”

Anderson also told TMZ that “women [must be] aware of certain problems and how to spot them and fight them. It is totally hypocritical to ignore this.”

Here’s a portion of Anderson’s interview with Megyn Kelly, posted by NBC …


  1. Good old Pam, I love it, she’s a real woman, she’s not afraid to say what she feels and isn’t intimidated by any aswholes to make her give a fake apology. Again, good for her!

  2. She’s sleazy…always has been and looks like an orangutan now with her extensive surgery. She should shut up. She doesn’t have the brains to be able to speak up.

    • Jealous are we Thane? You absolutely sound like a hater. Pam is entitled to her opinions.

  3. What Pamale said is correct, you are not blaming the “victim”
    when you speak up and say that women , and men as well, should use common sense. If you think something is odd , take precautions. If you think there “might” be a mugger in an alley you wont walk your silly butt down said alley would you?

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