Sexual Assault Cover-Up Alleged at Motion Picture Retirement Home

Dec 27, 2017  •  Post A Comment

Allegations have been made of a cover-up of sexual assaults at the Motion Picture Country House and Hospital, Deadline reports. The allegations are reportedly related to a previously reported case involving a woman who was allegedly assaulted at the facility.

“Attorneys for Sylvia Mathes, one of more than a dozen elderly women who were allegedly assaulted by a fellow resident, now claim an unidentified attorney for the Motion Picture Television Fund, which runs the skilled-nursing facility in Woodland Hills, CA, lied to them and tried to cover up the cover-up by claiming a key witness could not give her deposition earlier this month because she had pneumonia, when in fact she was ready and willing to be deposed,” Deadline reports.

The facility was previously accused of a cover-up of sexual assaults of female residents of its Alzheimer’s unit, the report notes.

“Separate lawsuits filed by Mathes, the mother of writer-producer Gerald Sanoff, and retired costumer Nancy Renard, claim that they and 11 other female residents were sexually assaulted by Rafael Palacios, a former longtime employee of the Fund before becoming an Alzheimer’s patient there,” the report adds.


  1. Good lord what kind of scum must you be to sexually assault residents at an old folks home.

  2. And then to house him there WITH them as a patient?? There needs to be criminal neglegance charges levied here

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