Catherine Deneuve Walks Back Her #MeToo Comments

Jan 16, 2018  •  Post A Comment

After sparking a backlash over her signing on to an open letter from French women defending men’s “freedom to importune’ — a letter that was widely seen as an attack on the #MeToo movement — actress Catherine Deneuve has apparently had some second thoughts.

The Argus Observer reports that Deneuve, 74, offered an apology to “all victims of odious acts who may have felt offended” by the letter, which was published by the French daily Le Monde.

In a new open letter, published by French newspaper Liberation, Deneuve adds: “Yes, I like freedom. I don’t like this characteristic of our times whereby everyone feels they have the right to judge, to arbitrate, to condemn. A time where simple denunciations on social media generate punishment, resignation and sometimes, and often, lynching by the media. … I don’t excuse anything. I don’t decide the guilt of these men because I am not qualified to do so. And few are. … No, I don’t like this pack mentality.”

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