Here’s What Happens When Amazon’s Alexa Loses Her Voice — and Here’s Your Chance to See a Bunch of Super Bowl Commercials Ahead of Time

Jan 31, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A star-studded batch of Super Bowl spots released ahead of Sunday’s big game examine everything from what happens when Amazon’s Alexa loses her voice to what a human M&M looks like with Danny DeVito playing it.

Here’s a sampling of what’s out there …

Alexa Loses Her Voice — Amazon Super Bowl LII Commercial

Super Bowl Commercial 2018 Pepsi VS Coke

Pringles | WOW 2018 Commercial (Official)

Lexus LS 500 F SPORT / Marvel Studios’ Black Panther Commercial — Full Length

Tongue Twisters: Doritos Blaze vs. Mtn Dew Ice …

M&M’S Super Bowl Commercial 2018 (featuring Danny DeVito) — ‘Human’ :30

James Cromwell Stars in PETA’s 2018 Super Bowl Ad: Redemption

Taps Super Bowl Commercial | Water.org & Stella Artois

Groupon 2018 Super Bowl Commercial | “Who Wouldn’t”

Tide | Super Bowl 2018 Commercial – Teaser Ad 1 – Bradshaw’s Locked Out

Big Game Teaser | 2018 Kia Stinger: Emerson Fittipaldi in “Feel Something Again”


  1. Why ruin the best part of the Super Bowl! It’s more fun to watch them during the game.

  2. i must say the Pepsi vs. Coke is horrible! Are they seriously promoting bulling and underage drinking? The who spot has the one boy’s relentless harassment and assault, then the “athlete” shotguns the soda – an illusion to drinking beer – while the bullies beat the coke drinker. Seriously! I’m no puritan and can enjoy an edgy spot as much as the next person, but seriously?!?

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