Jesse Jackson Wades Into LeBron James-Laura Ingraham Clash

Feb 19, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A high-profile war of words between Fox News host Laura Ingraham and NBA superstar LeBron James has a number of observers weighing in, with the Rev. Jesse Jackson among the latest to comment.

Ingraham recently blasted James for his comments about social issues, suggesting that the three-time NBA champion “shut up and dribble.” James, who led the winning team in Sunday’s NBA All-Star Game, countered that he would continue to “talk about what’s really important.”

The AP reports that Jackson said today he is deeply insulted by Ingraham’s “attack” on James. “Jackson said it’s important for James, Golden State Warriors teammates Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry and other NBA players to keep speaking out against injustice and the behavior of President Donald Trump,” the AP reports.

Jackson is quoted in the article saying: “No one told David to just play his harp and not stand up for his people. No one told Samson just lift weights and not challenge the Philistines. They told Jackie Robinson, ‘Just play baseball.’ He told them, ‘I’m a man with dignity first.’ They told Dr. King, ‘Go be confined to the pulpit.’ He said, ‘I must speak peace to a troubled world.’ In that tradition, King James, LeBron, his slam dunk for justice is needed. We thank him.”

Jackson reportedly added: “When Trump is attacking the FBI and covering up for the KGB, LeBron’s voice is needed.”


  1. Yup Jesse, that “behavior” of President Trump sure is bad. Black unemployment at it’s LOWEST level EVER !! I’m sure LeBron doesn’t care a lick about that, but Jesse, YOU should. The problem for Jesse is, the more blacks that are working, succeeding, moving up the economic ladder, the LESS they need a clown like Jesse.

    • Black unemployment was headed downward since 2012 under Barack Obama. In economics it’s called a “d o w n w a r d….t r e n d…”

      Doooowwwwwwnnnnnnwwwwaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrddddddddddddddd trrrrrrrrreeeeennnnnnnnnnndddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!

      In other words like most of what’s going on in America economically anyone with an education higher than your 4th grade degree can easily figure that out.

      Check the link out below as clearly you are too stupid to do the research yourself.


  2. You tell’ed RealTVCritics.com. As good Democrats, if the truth doesn’t suit us, we’ll make up our own facts and get the news papers to support us. Thank goodness we “own” almost all the media. You go ahead and lie and I’ll swear it’s true.

    • Well there you go Skep, making up YOUR own facts. My facts are in the link and as a good Democrat I will tell you like I told the other 3rd grade graduating deplorable to READ THE INFORMATION IN THE LINK!!

      This is an apple.

      THIS is an apple.

      This IS an APPLE!!!

      No matter how many times you try to call it a banana THIS IS AN APPLE!!!

      Now Skep if you want somebody to make up their own facts just look in the Oval Office as far back as yesterday to President Moron who stated, along with his spokesperson that HE has done more to stop Russia from meddling in our elections than President Obama and then YOU go and look up the facts.

      This is an apple….

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