Morgan Spurlock Fights Back Against Turner

Apr 17, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock is in a legal battle with Turner Entertainment Networks after Turner pulled the plug on an agreement to have Spurlock executive produce a TNT docuseries, “Who Rules the World,” which focuses on women’s issues, The Hollywood Reporter’s THR, Esq., reports.

Turner backed out after Spurlock, against the backdrop of the #MeToo movement, came forward to admit his own misconduct, THR reports. Turner then brought a lawsuit to recover funds, and moved for a preliminary injunction to keep Spurlock and his Warrior Poets production company from disbursing funds, according to the report.

We reported on Spurlock’s public confession, which ran under the headline “I Am Part of the Problem,” back in December. You can click here to read our report, and here to read Spurlock’s statement, originally posted on Twitter. Spurlock reportedly stepped down from his position with Warrior Poets following the confession.

“On Monday, the defendants submitted an opposition to the injunction motion,” THR reports. “As an initial matter, Spurlock asserts that Turner identified the wrong bank account. Instead of naming the account used for production funds, Spurlock says Turner highlighted his company’s general operating account.

“But putting aside this issue, the defendants say Turner can’t establish a likelihood of winning the lawsuit.”

The report quotes the opposition brief saying: “TEN’s motion is premised on the false assumption that Spurlock’s tweet somehow breached the Agreement. It did not. If TEN wants to walk away from the project, so be it. But that does not mean Warrior Poets breached the Agreement. Furthermore, TEN is not entitled to the funds in the production account. As the Agreement makes clear, the only circumstance under which TEN is entitled to the funds in that account is if TEN exercises its right to take over the production. To date, TEN has not chosen to exercise this right.”

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