War of Words Raging Between Jimmy Kimmel and Pretty Much Everyone at Fox News

Apr 6, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Jimmy Kimmel and Sean Hannity, along with others at Fox News, are locked in a nasty feud after a number of commentators at Fox took issue with Kimmel’s material on first lady Melania Trump.

“It all started when Kimmel laughed at a clip of Mrs. Trump reading a children’s book at the White House Easter Egg Roll,” CBS News reports. “He imitated her accent and then said to his paunchy Mexican-American sidekick, Guillermo Rodriguez, ‘Guillermo you know what this means? You could be first lady of the United States.'”

“The impersonation outraged several Fox News personalities, including Ainsley Earhardt on ‘Fox & Friends,’ who said Kimmel would have been accused of racism if he had done the same thing to Michelle Obama,” CBS News reports. “Hannity not only slammed Kimmel on his show, but also posted at least a dozen tweets about the issue, referring to Kimmel as ‘Harvey Weinstein Jr.’ and ‘#pervertkimmel.’ Hannity posted several times about a moment on ‘The Man Show’ when Kimmel asked women to feel his crotch to guess what was in there.”

Here’s some of the Fox News digital coverage of Kimmel’s Melania Trump piece …

Kimmel retaliated by using his ABC late-night pulpit to unleash a tirade against Fox News, mainly targeting Hannity. Here’s the clip, in which he revisits some of Hannity’s comments along with Kimmel’s own material about the Easter Egg Roll …

Below is the original “Kimmel” clip in which he mocks the first lady’s Easter storytime.


  1. Does anyone remember when Kimmel told jokes, he was funny! When and why did he become a political commentary specialist. 🙁 Too bad.

    • You mean when he told the heartfelt story about his child’s heart problems when he was born and Fox attacked him because he used his platform to reach out for sick children? This feud is about him telling jokes. Hannity goes way too far.

  2. I for one am shocked that fox is still picking on Jimmy. It started when he stood up for child healthcare and he wouldn’t be shut up. Now he makes a comedy joke and habitual the baby acts like he slashed Melanie’s tires. Hannity isn’t as big as he thinks. Numbers don’t lie.

  3. you mean when JK lied about the health care system and used his sick child to try to advance his political position? Check the facts.

  4. AC, why don’t you go on his show and debate him? Logic and facts are like Kryptonite to liberals.

  5. If you watch the Kimmel cut, the whole section was inappropriate and rude. Mrs. Trump does a lot of good charitable work and stays out of the politics. Starting to attack her because you have had no success attacking Trump is not going to help the cause. It is just going to get the flyover states back on Trump’s side, just as the polls are showing a shift away from republicans

  6. Funny!!!

  7. Jimmy Kimmel has become disgusting beyond words.

  8. Jimmy has fallen along the idiotic path of Late Night Talk SHow hosts that have seen fit to go after our President. They had an 8-year dry spell of not being able to attack the President without being accused of being Racist. They avoided another 4, to 8 years of being Sexist, so they decide to attack the old white guy. Why not have a tasteful joke ala Johnny Carson era, now and then. I thought his whining about his baby, though I’m sure was genuine, was totally misdirected. Anyone can go to an Emergency Room in this country whether you are here legally or illegally and get treatment. (the illegals are one of the causes of the increase in Medical Care, get them out of here or refuse treatment to them so they go home).Of course, you aren’t going to get the treatment a millionaire can muster, but your kid would still get treatment. He should be railing against Obamacare which has really destroyed healthcare as so many doctors quit practicing rather than put up with it. The only beneficiaries of the plan were those who got it free. Those that had to pay, got hosed and will so until Congres can fix it. At least the tax penalty part is gone.So Boohoo, a Millionaire David is going up against a Billionaire Goliath. This time Goliath will win.

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