Bombshell: Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani Says the President Reimbursed Michael Cohen the $130,000 in Hush Money Cohen Paid Stormy Daniels

May 2, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Rudy Giuliani, “who joined Trump’s legal team last month, told Fox News‘ Sean Hannity on Wednesday that Trump had reimbursed [Michael] Cohen for the $130,000 payment made to [Stormy] Daniels to stay quiet about their alleged affair,” reports The Hill.

The story continues, saying that conservative talk show host Laura Ingraham, “on her Fox News show immediately following the interview on Hannity, played a clip of Trump telling reporters last month that he didn’t know about the payment. ‘Did Trump pay it after April 6th?’ Ingraham asked, the day Trump denied knowing about the payment. ‘The left is jumping all over that tonight, saying, “What the heck? He did know, he didn’t know? Rudy’s on TV?” What’s going on here?’

“‘You have the president on tape on Air Force One saying he did not know about the payment, and you’ll have to ask Michael Cohen about that,’ Ingraham said. ‘Rudy just goes on with Hannity and says “Oh no, he reimbursed them.”’

“‘I love Rudy, but they better have an explanation for that,’ she added. ‘That’s a problem.’”

The Hill story adds that in a recent appearance on “Fox & Friends” Trump said that Cohen “represented him in dealings with Daniels, but that he didn’t know about the payment.”

Cohen has said that he paid Daniels out of his own pocket.

The story also says that Giuliani told Hannity on Wednesday that the payment to Daniels “didn’t violate campaign finance laws.”

We urge you to click here to read the entire story at The Hill.





  2. He’s no different than the rest of them.

  3. At least he wasn’t sexually harassing an employee, having sex in the Oval Office.

  4. To be fair, I can imagine it is very difficult for all of the people on Trump’s team to keep all of the lies straight.

  5. Trump couldn’t have picked a better mouthpiece ????????????

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