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White House Outraged by Ad Comparing Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden — Here’s the Ad

May 31, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A campaign ad comparing Donald Trump to Osama bin Laden elicited an angry response from the White House. Politico reports that the Trump administration is calling on congressional Democrats to condemn the ad from Dan Helmer, a candidate for a House seat from Virginia.

The 30-second spot, which you can watch below, includes an image of bin Laden, followed by an image of Trump. “After 9/11 the greatest threat to our democracy lived in a cave. Today he lives in the White House,” Helmer says in the ad.

Today White House Deputy Press Secretary Raj Shah called the message of the ad “nothing short of reprehensible.”

In a statement to reporters, Shah said: “Leaders from across the political spectrum — starting with Leader [Nancy] Pelosi — must swiftly condemn this abhorrent message.”

“Helmer is running in Virginia’s crowded 10th District primary to take on Rep. Barbara Comstock, one of the most vulnerable Republicans in Congress,” Politico notes. “Helmer’s campaign defended the ad Thursday, saying the ad sounds ‘the alarm about the threat to our democracy that President Trump poses.'”

Helmer’s campaign manager reportedly told Politico via Twitter: “What is abhorrent is the way this President has failed to uphold his oath of office, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Here’s the ad …


  1. Although fiercely to the point the advert is clearly factual, in my opinion. What bothers the Yankee is that bin Laden could survive in a cave while Trump can’t survive without Mar. I wonder what the response would be if you had used an image of Joseph Stalin, or the beast from Romania or? The list is endless. What bothers them (your detractors) is the reality that all despots, petty or not, do eventually fall. Unfortunately, in 2018, St Helena has an airport opening up a slim chance for escape.

    Here we go with the me me me: Just like the occupants of 1600 Penn Ave. But this is unavoidable today. Here is an idea for you or maybe the DNC. My image and text is “legend says that George Washington chopped down the cherry tree. Well today Donald J Trump chops down the flag pole. Every day another chip, another chip, another chip until the pole surrenders and falls to the ground. (The flag pole at the capitol, maybe the flag pole at the Washington monument)
    Brian Thomas gehrke
    Citizen of the USA
    Current status: Political Refugee

  2. Comparing Trump to Bin Laden is ABSOLUTELY INSANE …

    Hitler, Stalin, Castro … maybe …

  3. Dead on lol…tRUMP should try living in a cave or maybe cage like the animal he truly is!!!

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