Actress Offers Insights Into Anthony Bourdain’s Suicide

Jun 12, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Actress Rose McGowan sent an open letter to a number of media outlets talking about her friend Asia Argento and Argento’s late boyfriend, Anthony Bourdain.

In the letter, according to Deadline, McGowan writes, “I know before Anthony died he reached out for help, and yet he did not take the doctor’s advice.”

Here are two paragraphs from the McGowan letter, as published by Deadline:

“When Anthony met Asia, it was instant chemistry. They laughed, they loved and he was her rock during the hardships of this last year. Anthony was open with his demons, he even wrote a book about them. In the beginning of their relationship, Anthony told a mutual friend, ‘He’s never met anyone who wanted to die more than him.’ And through a lot of this last year, Asia did want the pain to stop. But here’s the thing, over their time together, thankfully, she did the work to get help, so she could stay alive and live another day for her and her children. Anthony’s depression didn’t let him, he put down his armor, and that was very much his choice. His decision, not hers. His depression won. Anthony and Asia had a free relationship, they loved without borders of traditional relationships, and they established the parameters of their relationship early on. Asia is a free bird, and so was Anthony. Was. Such a terrible word to write. I’ve heard from many that the past two years they were together were some of his happiest and that should give us all solace.

“Anthony was 61, the same age my father was when he died. My father also suffered from intermittent deep depression, and like Anthony, was part of a ‘pull up your bootstraps and march on’ generation. The a ‘strong man doesn’t ask for help’ generation. I know before Anthony died he reached out for help, and yet he did not take the doctor’s advice. And that has led us here, to this tragedy, to this loss, to this world of hurt. Do NOT do the sexist thing and burn a woman on the pyre of misplaced blame. Anthony’s internal war was his war, but now she’s been left on the battlefield to take the bullets. It is in no way fair or acceptable to blame her or anyone else, not even Anthony. We are asking you to be better, to look deeper, to read and learn about mental illness, suicide and depression before you make it worse for survivors by judging that which we do not understand, that which can never fully be understood. Sometimes we are stuck in the unknowable, and that is where we are now, a massive wave of darkness that threatens to swallow everyone in its wake.”

To read McGowan’s entire letter please click here, which will take you to the Deadline story.


  1. Rose needs to stfu and go away…

    • You need to get a life or Read a book.

  2. Rose McG. needs to be put through a chipper-shredder and then incinerated. She is a horrible stain against the human race. She is a loud-mouthed mental case.

  3. That’s what I want to read. A diatribe about misery, depression and suicide. Getting tired of it. When you kill yourself and you have children you are a simple coward. Kate Spade…coward. Anthony Bourdain…coward.

    It is a cowardly act when you kill yourself and leave your kids with nothing.

    Yeah pull up your bootstraps, get over it and take care of your kids.


  4. It is obvious the people commenting here have never suffered from anxiety or depression or know someone who has. These are illnesses caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. If someone had a broken leg with the bone sticking out, would you scoff at them & tell them to walk it off? Pull up your bootstraps & get over it? Call them a big baby & a coward for not getting up and walking? Why is it OK to do so to someone with a broken brain? You can NOT “get over” depression. The lack of sympathy for people in a hole so deep and dark one can’t even begin to describe it, disgusts me. Living with anxiety & depression takes more courage every day than most people will have to show in a lifetime. Suicide is not cowardice, it is the last act of desperation that, luckily, most of us will ever know.

    • And yet the fact remains that Rose McG. is an idiotic jerk. No one asked her to “speak up” and no one wants her to. She is appalling and disgusting. She needs to go away. And yes, I have suffered from debilitating depression and I have been hospitalized for it. So go screw yourself, you arrogant P.O.S.

  5. Tired of reading about these 2 women promoting themselves. This is a Bourdain family gig not yours! He has a mother, brother, daughter and WIFE.

  6. I have a lot to say about this sad occurrence of the death of Anthony. I always thought that the work he does must be lonely in a way. In hotel rooms all the time, but if he wanted to stop the work, I wonder if he felt like he could not stop it. Usually, a person with suicidal ideation feels like there is no way out . I wonder if he felt trapped by the girlfriend and his estranged wife. I wish, if that was the case, he just quit. Nothing is worth doing this. There are no people that can tell us that doing what he did, can come back and say, yes it was the right thing. I wish he did not do this, he was charming, witty. Very sad, and also that Kate Spade did the same thing just a week or so earlier. What is going on, stop!!!

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