CBS Quietly Updating Its ‘Evening News’

Jun 11, 2018  •  Post A Comment

CBS has a clear objective in mind as it implements changes in its news operation, and that’s to reach out to a younger and more digitally oriented generation, Variety reports in an examination of the mostly subtle changes that are under way for the news division and the flagship “CBS Evening News.”

“Changes to the actual broadcast are incremental, not radical,” Variety reports. “CBS News is quietly revamping the broadcast and the newsgathering that goes into it in a bid to make it more meaningful to the digital generation on the rise — the one that will eventually inherit the broadcast from an older cohort who can still recall when working parents got home in time to make the evening-news an integral part of their daily routine.”

Anchored by Jeff Glor, the CBS program remains in third place behind its NBC and ABC competitors.

The report quotes Glor saying: “We are trying to get a little better every day. We are paying attention to the next generation and all the places we can make our work available beyond the traditional six-thirty slot.”

One example of the tweaks is happening this evening as Glor broadcasts from Singapore to cover Donald Trump’s summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un. “All five feeds of the venerable newscast sent across the country will include live updates, so that viewers in Denver, Seattle and Los Angeles can get the latest information on what is transpiring,” Variety reports.

We encourage readers to click on the link above to Variety to read the full report.


  1. Perhaps if they started reporting actual facts, that would give them a leg up on ABC and NBC.

    Instead they have their agendas, and they will stick to them no matter what.

    • Sure. That’s it. What you said. Surprised you haven’t screamed those words use regularly.

      “FAKE NEWS!!!”

      Maybe you should look more at Fox News or Breitbart. Here, well here nobody wants to read it.

  2. Typical. They go for the younger generation and leave us old folks in the dust.

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