Report: Running Fewer TV Ads Yields Only Small Improvements in Number of Viewers

Jun 11, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Running reduced advertising loads in television programming results in only small improvements in the numbers of people who watch individual commercials, MediaPost reports, citing new research from Comcast’s Freewheel video management platform.

The report found that when programmers cut the number of ads by 50% or more, viewer engagement went up by just 7%, MediaPost reports.

Further, the study reportedly found that a 30% reduction in a show’s commercials improved viewing by only 5%.

The study’s authors wrote: “The marginal increases in engagement almost never compensated for the massive reduction in inventory.”


  1. Interesting…because i am seriously tired of sorting through ads, ,commercials,promos,etc. just to find tidbits of shows.
    I even suspect parts of shows are missing because transitions are choppy when show returns from repetitive interruptions ad nauseum (sp?)

  2. Things are edited before and after commercial breaks. Scenes may also end early, or start part-way through a scene. I’ve observed this many times watching the same episode of a show, that’s currently airing both on AntennaTv and the OWN cable network. Some edits have been 1-2 minutes long. This is just one example. I’m sure there are other examples, from other stations as well.

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