Commentary: Why 6-Second Ads Are Dumb

Jun 25, 2018  •  Post A Comment

In a column examining the television industry’s relatively sudden fascination with the six-second commercial, writer Steve Sternberg points out in MediaPost’s TelevisionNewsDaily that TV networks appear to be drawn to the idea not for the purpose of improving the viewer experience but mainly to make more money.

“Any time TV networks try to change ad formats or lengths, there is one basic reason: money,” Sternberg writes. “If a network can charge half of a 30-second commercial for something that is only six seconds, they can reduce ad clutter and become significantly more profitable.”

But Sternberg notes that for a potential buyer of a 6-second spot, “paying more than one-fifth the cost of a 30-second commercial is ridiculous — until the networks can demonstrate the impact warrants a premium cost.”

Sternberg also notes: “What works online, when you’re leaning forward watching YouTube and find any advertising to be intrusive, will not necessarily work well when you’re leaning back watching television. The two media are viewed very differently, even by younger viewers.”

We encourage readers to click on the link above to MediaPost to read the full commentary.

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