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Cover of New York Daily News Summarizes How Many U.S. Liberals Are Feeling Today — Did the Daily News Go Too Far?

Jun 28, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The New York Daily News is getting a lot of attention today after it issued a provocative cover in reaction to news of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy’s retirement.

Here’s the cover, which the paper sent out Wednesday on Twitter …



  1. While I frankly do agree with the sentiment of that cover, I also do think that they did go too far. That cover would be appropriate for an explicitly partisan publication, but is not appropriate for a daily newspaper.

  2. This is a perfect example why Trump complains that the media is biased. As long as you lie within the stories, it’s not as blatant but this just fuels conservatives. Dumb move on their part

  3. I was watching a bit if the news i partly agree about this but we might as well be f##cked…

  4. Well ~ it is true but surprised the NY Daily News put it out there on “front street.”

  5. Trump deserves some credit.

    • Trump’s gotten plenty of credit. He usually abuses that credit to the point where he declares bankruptcy, leaving those people who gave him credit holding the bag while he somehow never has to give up anything.
      I know you meant a different type of credit but frankly, he’s abused what little credibility he’d managed to stitch together so badly that it’s probably eligible for protective custody.

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