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Nine Reasons Real Estate Professionals Want You to Stop Watching HGTV

Jun 28, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A new report examines how professionals in the real estate industry feel about a TV genre that has become a staple in recent years thanks to HGTV. The report published by Fox News focuses on home improvement shows such as “Property Brothers,” “Fixer Upper” and “Love It or List It.”

The report sums up nine reasons why the real estate pros say viewers should stop watching these types of shows:

  • Knocking down walls isn’t that easy
  • Transactions, and transformations, take a LOT of time
  • Negotiations don’t typically go down in coffee shops
  • Obtaining permits requires way more patience
  • Producers create unnecessary drama
  • Real estate can ruin relationships
  • Sellers don’t care about your renovation budget.They care about the comps in the neighborhood.
  • HGTV worships false budgets
  • Bigger renovations don’t always equal bigger ROIs

We encourage readers to click on the link above to Fox News for the reasoning behind each of the issues.


  1. Those strictures hold for ALL “reality” TV shows. They all are phony.

  2. Really, Producers create unnecessary drama?

  3. It’s even worse than it appears. It’s essential for people to wake up and realize that this type of television programming is NOT about good design or “fixing up”… it is about fueling the economy and encouraging people to needlessly destroy perfectly useful interiors so that they then have have to go buy new stuff to replace it with.. These are “infomercials” disguised as sage advice by “experts”. And people lap it up! They don’t see that they are being brainwashed because they have no strong understanding of design, quality or history. How much debt do people go into in order to copy this drivel?

    It’s very irresponsible and people would be much better served by programs which encourage them to work with what they have and to embrace the existing style of their house — whatever it happens to be — rather than trying to re-make it every 5 years to emulate the latest temporary trend.

    People who dream of house-flipping or “fixer uppers” would be much better off by retaining so-called “dated” cabinets, fixtures, etc., and re-using (or repairing where necessary) rather than the gut-and-rebuild scenario which is continually pushed.

    The amount of damage done to vintage and antique houses by people indoctrinated by these types of shows would be hard to calculate, but it is significant. Ditto for the amount of damage done to people’s finances when they waste money “fixing” things that don’t need to be fixed.

    The madness must STOP!!!!! Stop watching this crap and start demanding programs which encourage conservation of material resources, promote a better understanding of good design, encourage the retention of our architectural heritage and which help people avoid going into debt for the sake of hideous and contrived trends.

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