Nationwide Cable Outage Hits Millions of Comcast Customers

Jun 29, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Comcast Corp., the country’s second-largest pay-TV service, said today it was experiencing a nationwide interruption affecting millions of customers, Bloomberg reports.

“The Philadelphia-based company disclosed the problem Friday on Twitter. In a series of posts responding to customers, Comcast said one of its large backbone network partners had a ‘fiber cut’ that’s affecting service nationwide,” Bloomberg reports.

Comcast tweeted: “We are working to have this resolved as quickly as possible.” Bloomberg notes that Comcast officials did not elaborate beyond the tweets.

Comcast has about 22.3 million cable TV subscribers and more than 26 million high-speed Internet customers, and is the owner of NBC, USA and other TV networks along with Universal Pictures.


  1. Apparently not all comcast employee were informed of this nationwide outage!! I have spoken to many tec support people and they keep telling me to do this or do that. The answer I kept hearing was to replace my box and make an appointment (he’s coming out on Saturday). I talked with a tech working on a neighbor’s and he was scratching his head!! I’m wondering if I should cancel since nothing can be done here until everything is fixed outside. BTW, my cable has been out since Thursday morning! I’m a disabled senior citizen – I can’t even watch a video because without the cable, my dvd player won’t work.

  2. Comcast employees will always stick to their customer service scripts – their jobs are at risk if they do not.

    More to the point, Comcast has no idea what the whole Internet is about, the ability to reroute around outages. They do not have multiple networks to which they can fall over, they put all of their corporate eggs into one networking basket, and if it fails hey just throw up their hands and say “what could we do?“

  3. This went on all day yesterday and on some channels this morning too. We have Spectrum. All appear to be linked. We unplugged the box for a minute late Friday and got back our program guide. Things are much better but some channels are still only partially visible.

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