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Netflix Accused of Streaming Child Pornography

Jun 29, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“Netflix has come under fire for a movie streaming on its site that some viewers say contains a scene that is child pornography,” The New York Post reports. “The opening scene of the Argentinian film ‘Desire’ depicts two young girls under the age of 10 playing around with pillows. The scene takes a sexual turn involving one of the girls.”

The Post adds: “The news site PJ Media said it reported the film to the FBI and Department of Justice for child pornography. The FBI told Fox News, ‘Per DOJ policy, the FBI neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation.’”

The report notes that the movie remains on Netflix. Viewers, meanwhile, took to social media to complain about the movie and call on Netflix to remove it.

One user tweeted: “Watch the first few minutes of the movie Desire from Netflix promotion of pedophilia absolutely disgusting!! Parents should be arrested for this scene alone!!”


  1. Um yeah!!!! That’s child pornography.

  2. Why would parents be arrested?

  3. Is there a problem with pedophilia? YES!


    Is two 10 year olds having a sexual experience pedophilia? No.

    Is it appropriate to show this? No.

  4. I watched the movie. At first I thought it was disgusting, but I continued to watch the movie and quickly realized the beginning scene is a back story on why this girl is the way she is. Could they have done without the scene? Yes, they could’ve just narrated it. It actually was a good movie. It’s very sexual though.

  5. Why isn’t NETFLIX taking care of this? It’s not a question of a pervert making a bad movie it’s a question of Netflix adding it to their list so NETFLIX is the problem not a preferred director. Perverted directors are a dime a dozen – looks like NETFLIX is trying to make a major statement and push the site over into pornography. See you NETFLIX – Prime Video is way better anyway. Looks like NETFLIX is supporting all of this

  6. The director seems to think that the children had to know what they were depicting. Not so. A scene which depicts an underage child performing a sexual act is what makes this film illegal. Netflix should be severely punished for distributing this film.

  7. As usual all the uproar is good promotion. Haven’t seen “Desire” but makes me want to see what all the fuss is about.

    • You’re disgusting if you’re even remotely curious enough watch it.

  8. We have had Netflix for a long time but i CANNOT support a company that does this. I am cancelling immediately. There are far too many other streaming services. I do not need Netflix.

  9. Just curious Bren, did you watch the entire movie? If not, it’s probably a good thing you are leaving Netflix, no place for close-minded people like yourself.

  10. CAN’T BE PEDOPHILIA if only children of similar ages involved. Silly you. However the valid point is it “kiddie porn” depicting sexual acts?

  11. Wow are some people prudish. The opening scene, without revealing ANY flesh, depicts a young girl masturbating, fully clothed, bouncing on a childs toy. Ostensibly achieving her first orgasm. Many women have similar stories they could tell if honest. This is really no big deal. I am not even convinced the girl acting knew what she was depicting, and either way there’s nothing shameful or the least bit pornographic here.

    • It doesn’t have to include nudity for it be considered inappropriate. Masturbation still falls under sexual content, regardless of age and the fact that it’s a MINOR depicting something sexual (again regardless of clothing being involved or not) is highly inappropriate.

    • Many women also have stories of being inappropriately touched by a pedophile, if they’re honest. Since when is shared experience a standard by which it’s okay to normalize a thing?? Further, no big deal by your opinion means absolutely nothing if you’ve neither been nor had any real experience with a pedophile.

  12. Just cancelled my subscription after learning about this and also sent a lengthy email to Netflix before bowing out. Those fools probably won’t respond anyway.

  13. This is Child Porn netflix Are Sick F××kers I Just Cancelled My Subscription F.U. netflix 😠👎

  14. Americans so sensitive, yet have no problem aborting millions of unborn babies. Argentinians see life and art differently yet still love their children just as much. American viewers and in general are so judgemental of what they don’t understand buy have no problem supporting illegal and murderous wars.

  15. Oh for crying out loud – this is no more child porn than Brooke Shields’ parts in BLUE LAGOON and PRETTY BABY. Then there was the uproar over Kirsten Dunst in INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE. The main thing all of those films had in common with this film in that NONE OF THEM ARE / WERE KIDDIE PORN.

  16. 10 year olds aren’t sexual. So whatever they did, they must be copying some behavior they saw. But it can’t be sexual because physically, they don’t have that desire or intention. Two kids is not pedophilia. It could be considered child porn, though. It could be that the film is okay in Argentina, but wasn’t screened out for America, which has stricter laws or sensibilities. Netflix is global, now, so may take time to jive all the different laws in the different countries. If that can be done. If the scene IS against the law. I don’t know the law and haven’t seen that movie.

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