‘NBC Nightly News’ Adding New Segments

Jun 7, 2018  •  Post A Comment

NBC News will tweak the format of its flagship “NBC Nightly News,” with anchor Lester Holt to add new segments to be featured at the end of the program, Variety reports.

“’Nightly’ viewers are already familiar with segments like ‘Inspiring America’ (once known as ‘Making a Difference’) and ‘Those Who Serve,'” Variety notes. “Now audiences will start to see Holt lead a Tuesday segment called ‘Snapshot’ that examines how everyday and even extraordinary Americans are leading their lives; a Thursday vignette known as ‘Spotlight’ that looks at celebrities and popular culture of the moment; and a Friday report called ‘Above and Beyond’ showcasing people who rose to a moment or went the extra mile.”

The segments “Inspiring America” and “Those Who Serve” will air on Mondays and Wednesdays, respectively.

In an interview, Holt is quoted saying: “Sometimes the story that people will be talking about most at the end of the broadcast may not be one of the stories in the first seconds. It may end up being the story at the end.”


  1. Gee, I thought they were going to give us more news. No such luck, just more Pablum!

  2. Don’t you just love TV consultants?

  3. Agreed, Alex: pablum. Or worse.
    Does one suppose Lester ever imagined this would be his legacy when he was a student pursuing his career?
    What an embarrassment.

  4. Fluff. Crap. Thanks nbc….

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