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Netflix Under Fire From Danny Masterson’s Rape Accusers

Jun 15, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Two women who have accused actor Danny Masterson of rape ripped into Netflix over its handling of “The Ranch,” on which Masterson has been a co-star and producer.

The streamer released a batch of new episodes today. “The episodes will be the last to feature Masterson’s character Jameson ‘Rooster’ Bennett, who’s been written off the show after the actor was fired in December,” The New York Post’s Page Six reports.

But Masterson’s exit from the show didn’t come soon enough, according to Chrissie Carnell Bixler, who wrote in a statement to The Daily Beast: “We get it, Netflix. You don’t believe us. You rub salt in our wounds. Is Danny Masterson still co-executive producer of ‘The Ranch’? You knew you had to fire him, but you do a bunch of reshoots so you can finish our rapist’s storyline up and give him a respectable send-off. And there he is on TV in the new season.”

“Bixler made clear she doesn’t understand why Masterson, 42, was given the chance to leave the show on his own terms, while other men who’ve been accused of sexual misconduct have been dealt with more harshly,” The Post notes. “She specifically brought up Kevin Spacey, whom Netflix cut ties with shortly after he was accused of sexual harassment and assault last fall.”

Bixler wrote in the statement: “Kevin Spacey? Fired on the spot. Production halted,” a reference to the shakeup on “House of Cards” over Spacey’s situation.

“It’s a stance echoed by Masterson’s ex-girlfriend Bobette Riales, who came forward in December to accuse the actor of repeatedly raping her during their relationship,” The Post reports.

Riales told The Daily Beast: “For Netflix to have taken such stern reaction and action regarding Kevin or Louis [C.K.] and then also firing Danny as well … Why now are they … airing shows after he was already fired?”


  1. I can´t believe that Danny Masterson was fired by Netflix from Ranch when he haven´t been convicted of any crime. I think that the penalty for taking someone to trial accusing somenoe for a crime and they have been proven not guilty should suffer the same sentence that the accused wore facing. Should the accusing women be proved as liars they should face 25 to life as Masterson does. I also hope that Netflix rehires Masterson if the court find him not guilty. Otherwise is the courtsystem not of any use. Because public shaming and if that would be the case, actually false accusations would be more important than justice. The time for the D.A to handle this is just ridiculus. They doesn´t seem to have a strong enough case against MAsterson so that they need the public shaming to make sure that the public opinion puts enough pressure on the jury to get a conviction against Masterson regardles of how much actual proof they can show. Innocent until proven guilty Netflix right?

  2. Sorry I am a woman also and hate REAL sexual assault. But if you are telling me you were anally raped to the point of a bloody butt, but didn’t realize it till you woke up, you are either an f’n liar or you were trashed as hell the night before and don’t have a clue what you said yes too. As for all these “casting couch” crybabies, I agree the whole “casting couch” mentallity sucks, BUT , you were willing to do it for the fame and fortune. Don’t belittle the REAL women who wouldn’t and gave up their chances for fame and fortune !!!! Take resonsibility for YOUR actions and decisions stop blaming everyone else for what you were WILLING to do!!! Just because someone said it, doesn’t make it true.


  3. I think it is crazy that Danny Masterson or anybody else for that matter can be fired before they are even charged let alone convicted of a crime and I truly hope that if no charges are filed at all or if they are filed and they find Danny Masterson not guilty that he be given a chance to have his life back. I am a female and I in no way shape or form agree with anybody being sexually assaulted with that being said I also don’t agree with the guilty-until-proven-innocent approach that we continue to see everyday. Netflix should not have fired Danny Masterson until he was at the very least formally charged with a crime.

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