Lawsuit Arising From Bill Maher’s Use of the N-Word Moves Forward

Jul 16, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A lawsuit filed in March is moving forward after a Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled that Shonitria Anthony, who is suing the L.A.-based news site ATTN and its top executives, is likely to prevail on her discrimination and retaliation claims, The Hollywood Reporter’s THR-Esq. reports.

Anthony is alleging she was fired from her job as an editor with ATTN after she took actions in response to Bill Maher’s use of the N-word on his HBO series. The report notes that Maher is an investor in ATTN along with Apple Music, Jimmy Iovine and Ryan Seacrest.

“According to the complaint, after Maher referred to himself as a ‘house n—er” on the June 2, 2017, episode of ‘Real Time with Bill Maher,’ Anthony organized her African-American co-workers in response to the racial slur,” THR reports. “She says she asked the company to hold a meeting to discuss Maher’s comments. Subsequently, Anthony says she was subjected to a series of adverse employment actions, culminating in her termination.”

The case is reportedly headed to a California appeals court for further review.


  1. Unfortunately, Shonitria is unfamiliar with the Conservative/Liberal DOUBLE STANDARD when it comes to racism. I hope she wins her lawsuit, but if this had been Sean Hannity does anyone out there REALLY think it would have been handled the way it has up to this point??? Absolutely not.

    • I listened to a rap music station and the n word was used frequently. Why is that acceptable? At the White House Correspondents Dinner Barak Obama was introduced as “My Nigga” by a prominent black journalist. It is obviously not the word that offends, it is the color of the persons skin that uses it.

      • You miss the point. She got fired because she openly objected to his comment. This is not about language — it is about s powerful person and company beating up on a less powerful person because the person dared to disagree.

        • O you missed the point. Rather than let the court decide you’ve already decided racism is the reason she got fired. There lies the real danger. Just because someone objects to an obscene word or act doesn’t make them a perfect employee and shield them from termination based on legitimate grounds.

          One can be morally sound and still be unproductive and or problematic in her employment.

        • you can fore anyone any time you want. these black demons are out of control and idiots like you praise them

          • Why is so-called diversity and mass immigration mandated for ALL white populations and ONLY white populations?

            Is open borders the White ‘Privilege’?

            Diversity is not demanded anywhere EXCEPT where white people are.

            It’s code for removing white people ONLY. It’s Geno cide

            Its Anti White

        • You miss the point, there is a double standard as to who can and can not use ““My Nigga” by a prominent black journalist. It is obviously not the word that offends, it is the color of the persons skin that uses it.”

        • If that were the case the lawsuit would not be based on discrimination.

      • Jerry must have listened to Rachael Jeantel on TV! She said it’s ok to use…see for yourself:

      • You hit it right on the head, the black population has been empowered by the likes of Obama, “guilt” feeling whites, and the liberal media. God Bless our President Trump and to all the WAM’s (White American Males) out there, don’t forget you have founded this country and helped free more people in the world than any other group of Americans

        • Omg. You are such an idiot. White males killed millions of red and brown skin natives in their “settling” of America. Had there been journalists, World Courts and media…you’re faborite white men would’ve sentenced to die for genocide. Your favorite white man today hopefully will be sentenced fir treason.

          • White Males also freed the slaves, don’t forget, and died in the hundreds of thousands while douing it.

          • Oh please, there isn’t a nation that exists that wasn’t forged through blood. Piss off and go tell the rest of the world to give up their countries too, moron.

          • Are you serious? It was not white men who killed the natives intentionally with the idea of purging the land, but disease that was brought over which killed 90% of the native population. This was because of the lack of taming and raising animals, as natives weren’t exposed to animals like horses and livestock. Then discord between the different tribes (that’s right, native Americans weren’t just one homogenous body) was used whenever the was conflict to advance the objective.

            In short, no. White men didn’t go around murdering all the natives to take their land. Research some history, look up the Creek, the Shawnee, and each tribe. You do the natives a disservice by trying to champion this false narrative.

          • Just one part of much killing. Are you equally upset at the red and brown skin people who were killing each other well before the white guys arrived? It wasn’t genocide, the stronger, more technologically advanced, and more tenacious forces won out. That has been the history of the world. Don’t like it, move to an alternate reality.

          • Yes, the indigenous races of the Americas got a bad deal, especially in central and South America: the Incas and Aztecs were extremely bloodthirsty and the Jesuits resolved to baptize them. Then disease came. The northern Indians were pushed around by the expanding whites hence, they could be very murderous and cruel in return, and so it went. They paid a very high price. A very sad story for some but a success story for the world.

          • Genocide is not limited to being perpetrated by whites or Christians. Asians, Africans, Hispanics, Muslims, etc …. all races and creeds have had their members commit atrocious acts. History is there for the reading.

          • Now what populace hasnt?

          • 1. Many natives succumbed to disease they weren’t immune to. It wasn’t a mass execution. And it doesn’t matter who gave it them — could have been Japanese, Africans, etc.
            2. How specific is generalizing all “whites” for guilt?
            Sounds racist to me.

          • And tribes in Africa didn’t sell each other into slavery and kill each other as they’re still doing now

        • Ahhhhh…. you mean you stole this country! You didn’t find anything you clown!!

          • Stole, do you mean like in Northern Africa, where it was stolen by conquering Muslims, stolen, like the constant flux of tribal borders in America, stolen, like the lands of eastern Europe by waves of invading tribes from the steppes. I think that you mean conquered, right or wrong, that’s history.

        • I seriously think you MUST be smoking something!!!

      • I was offended….not by that word, but by my fellow Americans electing a totally inexperienced unqualified person to the presidency simply because he was ‘of color’. Obama’s track record in the US Senate was a big zero. His service in the Illinois Senate was equally undistinguished. His only significant experience was as a community organizer and part-time lecturer on Constitutional Law at the Chicago Law School. Although he denied it, the evidence was that he was a friend of 1960’s leftist terrorist/activist William Ayers; and Louis Farrakhan. As to his birthplace … his own literary agent’s website promoted Barack as being from Kenya….only reason that would have been posted was that he possibly used it to qualify for college and or law school admittance on the basis of being foreign born.

        • Your racism shows. Besides… What qualifications does our current “president” have?
          Unless you consider bankruptcies, cheating, dishonesty, lies, low character, mob-like behavior to be what makes for you a good “president”.

          • That’s hillery your posting about

          • How about being a successful businessman who generated billions of dollars in revenue and employed tens of thousands of people? His management experience, his ability to persuade people and his philanthropic actions all made him much more qualified than a man who never actually held a job in the private sector.

          • My freinds who voted for trump said he would helpp the working people. I laughed and said, at least 2700 of his lawsuits are the result of him not paying his contractors who work for him!! SOME HELP, LOL

        • How pathetic is your logic? The current resident of the White House cannot carry Obama’s jock. Regardless of what you feel about his years before assuming the Presidency his eight years of service to us was exemplary. The current misfit is so uneducated and only uses playground language as his mantra. You have a lot of nerve criticizing Obama in a mini-minded manner. Time will reveal who the best Executive for the US is in the current segment of history. My money is not on the reality TV star, the sexual predator, the pervert held down by the murderer Putin, and the Liar who is strangling our country for all the money he can manipulate.

      • Its the tone and nature of how a word is used, which gives the listener an unambiguous sense of the intent of the speaker. Comedy deliberately flouts some of those nuances or pushes the boundaries, and Maher was definitely aware he was taking a risk. He ignored the people he was taking that risk out on, and an employee called him on it.

        But for the sake of linguistics, and for the double-standard critics: A word used between intimates conveys a very different meaning than between adversaries or strangers. A woman may call her best friend “Hey, Slut!” or a man might similarly use jocular language with his buddies. Its the same with the N word. You find some purists who say the word should be killed, it’s too offensive; others say it can be revived when used in an intimate way, between an in-group where there is becoming an absolute understanding both ways (not just by the speaker, but for the receiver). Liberals are not far from conservatives in their cultural insensitivity, or in understanding reciprocity in human exchanges that endure on culture and language. But Maher used the N word the way someone might use the word “b–tch” in a derogatory sense, not in a jocular sense. Or at least that is how it was received, as a self-deprecating remark trying to be funny. That’s the wrong sense of the word to be throwing around, as it normalizes the depressing sound of the word, not the neutral or clique-ish or intimate form. I mean think about it: relationships do exist and most communication is contextual. No one is going to agree on every thing others are doing, but normal respect levels don’t have to be breached just to get some kind of attention.

        • It used to be “Sticks and stone will break my bones and words will never hurt me…” but somewhere along the line a generation became overly sensitive.

        • most intelligent comment on here.

      • Simply Because You’re White And Not Allowed To Use The N-Word. Period Bitch!!!

    • its dangerous whenonly certain people are allowed to use certain words

      blacks use ‘ni gger’ all the time
      they also get away with slandering white
      people all the time

      very dangerous to allow that

      • “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

      • I went to a comedy club and heard a black entertainer use the word 50 plus times and there were no riots or law-suits……

      • TO: Mike
        In more civil and honorable times, words probably would not hurt you. However, in today’s society words picked up, twisted, stretched and meaning changed, can hurt you.

    • What standing does this woman have from a cable broadcast?
      When was the last time a minority brought a lawsuit against one of the plethora of people who call minorities out with racial slurs to their FACES?

    • I hope she loses it. Freedom of speech, nigger or cracker who really gives a shit except those who want to create a scene.

    • I don’t think it would have come to this point because Hannity wouldn’t have used the word in the first place

    • Hannity would be fired by now and if you had any shred of decency you’d admit that. That was a horrible comment and contains zero truth.

  2. Unfortunately, Shonitria doesn’t understand the Conservative/Liberal DOUBLE STANDARD on race. Does anyone out there think if Sean Hannity had said this it would have played out the same way ??
    NOT. A. CHANCE. I hope she wins her lawsuit.

  3. The legal side may have been handled the same but not the press. No one even knows about this.

  4. this is why you should NEVER hire a black person….

    • That is the unintended consequence of all these actions. Why work with people who make things difficult. Just avoid them. Every woman who makes a stink about a “hostile work environment” over an off color joke just makes hiring women that much less reasonable. Between two candidates, just hire the man.

  5. Maher is another closet liberal racist

    • Brainless twit.

    • I don’t think there’s anything closeted about Maher, and why should he. I’m on the opposite spectrum of him, but he has the right to say what he wants, and there are certain subjects I agree with him on. I’m backing him all the way on this. The word nigger is used like the word fuck. It’s an adjective, a verb, a pro-noun, a description, etc. The only difference is now some folks of a particular race have decided only they can say that word. Yeah, no.

  6. The rules are for everyone else. Liberals are just here to wag their fingers at mankind and be adored. They’re special.

  7. Anything that can bring Bill ScumBag Maher down is a great day in America!

  8. Maher always oozes d-bagness in all he does. Never been a fan – just makes my skin crawl. His double standard liberal bias doesn’t surprise me. Just adds more reasons why I don’t like him. Be nice to see his show get axed.

    • “oozes d-bagness in all he does” – this might be the phrase of the year. Well done.

      • Yeah.

  9. I hope she prevails only because Maher is such a smug a-hole. He needs to be knocked down a peg or two.

    However, the one who brought the suit is just another minority looking for a payout at the expense of everyone else’s first amendment rights.

  10. But it’s ok for blacks to call each other bigger on the streets😠😠😠😠😠….Damned double standard, bigger will always be spoken no matter what laws are in place or rules or regulatipn. It’s been said for over 400 years and will continue. But this is what happens when you teach it at home, school or on the streets, in grocery stores, social gatherings, family functions,…etc!!!!!!😣😣😣😣😣😣😣Pathetic…!!!!!

  11. I hope she wins.

  12. Is she also going to sue rap and hip hop artists that use the word in many of their songs?

  13. Fuck that butt pirate bill Maher that panty wearing pussy ass bitch of a wanna be man

    • You tell’em, Bubba!

      • Otis Day?

    • You’re all racist pukes, white people don’t get to decide what black people think is racist. Bill spent 15 minutes apologizing the very next show. Hanity sows constant ignorance with no apologies, white privileged jack offs

      • lol calls others racist while being racist

      • Funny how you and liberals decide who uses the “n” word? Either the word gets dropped from our vernacular (as it should) or everyone and anyone can use it. Just because you like hearing it in a song, doesn’t make it appropriate. Unless rap can’t survive without it? There are NO double standards allowed when combating racism, or its tools.

      • I went to a restaurant a few years ago and a black woman let her kid go running around unsupervised. Her kid ran between my legs as I was walking and fell down. I reached down to help the three-year-old up and said, “Whoa cowboy, sorry about that, let me help you up.” Before I could help him, the child scrambled to his feet and ran off to his table. A moment later the restaurant is disturbed by a loud woman yelling, “you ain’t gonna say yo sawry?” She repeated herself several times right up to my table.
        As she was yelling and making my wife uncomfortable I asked her if she was going to apologize to all the patrons of the restaurant for allowing her child to run all around the restaurant unsupervised. She then called me a honkey and a cracker and I called her a nigger. Of course, she was acting like one so it wasn’t slander and even the black people sitting at the table next to me didn’t mind much and kept eating like this was some crazy woman and the scene was a normal one.
        She called the police and they handled it nicely and they even comforted her until I was done eating and ready to leave and I heard her yelling after me as I was passing her by in the lobby, “I want to know who he is so I can protest in front of his house.” Even black people can’t stand niggers. Chris Rock detailed them in a comedy sketch and it’s so true…kind of like trailer trash.

      • Bubba?? Sounds like a true racist name. Go crawl back into your hole with d-ass traitor Trump!! He is the d-bag in chief.

      • I am and will always be Proud to be White ..You have Black Complex syndrome…Get a life a-hole

    • welcome to white trash america

  14. Sorry to jear she got terminated, but Maher simply made a joke. If you don’t think he is funny dont watch his show. He and Oliver are the only reason I subscribe to HBO. Maher is also on point 90% of the time. If he was more one sided he may be more popular, but the fact he pisses off people on both sides only makes me lile him more.

    • The problem is, liberals think they can say whatever they want and defend it by saying it’s a joke, but if a conservative says the same thing they’re accused of being racist and exposing their true feelings, blah blah blah…
      Personally I use the word all the time. I could care less if anybody says I’m racist.

      • Dr Lance if you are racist why would you care if someone said you were? It’s the truth lol you ARE racist!

      • SOME DOCTOR!!!! Cold Heart !!! UR GOING TO HELL-Mister gift to mankind (THINKING IT’s OK TO SAY THAT WORD—-dumb or what? yet the.color of money never bothered you, IT DOESN’T matter who’s paying you hypocrite.) I feel sorry for you, MISTER. The last time I heard WE ARE ALL GOD’S CHILDREN—-GET THAT STRAIGHT!!!!👄 You cry “liberals do this ..Liberals say that, well Dr Coldheart there’s liberals and conservatives out tthere that. Believe we all need to love each other, your blood is the same color as mine and everyone else’s!!!! At the end of the Day, we all deserve respect no matter what color we are !!!!! Can’t we all get just along PLEASE!!!!🙏 2 wrongs doesn’t make a Right!!! PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL😘 EVEN YOU ,SIR

    • Maher should be held accountable for bringing teenagers to night clubs as dates.
      This is one sick guy. The only show worth watching would be his execution.
      Bob, you must be cut from the same cloth.

  15. Lol. L O freaking L. Welcome to the mouth of the demon you feed, Bill. Completely non threatening, non agressive statement, and now someone who WANTS to be a victim for personal gain gets to blatantly take it out of context, take all youve earned and destroy it, with the help of the triggered mob. Arent you a mob leader?
    Hope you win in court buddy.

  16. If this goes before a jury, she may win more than he Has.
    That would be a beautiful thing to behold..

    • Yeah let’s all steal other people’s money. Isn’t that what the last president did.

      • 45 is taking all the money now. He ran the Secret Service out of money in August 2017.
        He should be made to reimburse them. It wasn’t for him to say that his family needed to have security around them. For a while, his wife lived in New York and they were charged rent plus their salary for being at Trump tower. Who actually believes that he is entitled to whatever he wants? The damn Republicans, that’s who.

        • Wow you are unhinged. Trump didn’t run any the SS out of money. Where do you come up with this crap?

  17. She isn’t suing bill maher (unfortunately). She is suing the company that RIGHTLY fired her for bringing something said on a tv show into work and disrupting the work environment with her stupidity. You don’t bring your activism to work and if you do you should expect to get fired for making a hostile work environment.

    She needs to lose BIG TIME and be forced to pay back the lawyer’s fees the company had to pay defending themselves from her stupidity and leftist activism in the workplace.

    • AS in the NFL?

    • Well said

  18. Papa Johns

  19. The name Shonitria should have been a clue.

  20. President Trump is sueing Bill Maher for $50 Million bc Maher said Trump’s Mother, MaryAnne MacLeod Trump, spent nights at the NYC Zoo fuxing an orange Orangutan ….providing a photo of a Red haired Orangoutang on his TV show!
    I do hope President Trump wins the lawsuit too!!!!

  21. Moral to this story: Never hire a Democrat

  22. Maher is a whiney little bithc.

  23. Amazing how sensitive “African Americans” are to the “n” word, but just get stuck in traffic next to one of their cars as it blasts their rap-crap. The “n” word is EVERY OTHER WORD. These same women are not offended being called the “b” word, the “w” word, the “n” word etc. by the men, but heaven help that use it without using it in the proper filthy way they like it or if their skin color is not sufficiently melinon shaded. Seems hispanics get away with using it, not the crackers.

    • ok so what, you cant compare that crap, the word is disgustig because white men used it to say and do disgusting things to black folks, no white should use it out of respect, jus dont compare, its not goin to change what happened during slavery. i am btw a registered Rep

      • Well thank God Caucasians can use it because I didn’t know races were all about Crayola crayons. Hey Lynn, I’m saying whatever I want, at the appropriate venue and time. My vocabulary is huge, unlike most. But a word is a word is a word. I suppose you want special classes for vocabulary usage while in the presence of mixed races? Who’s talking about changing history? And why would a member of any race want to glorify the word, make it “their” own, sing it, say it in anger, say it affectionately, etc?
        Bottom line, anyone can say what they want, in context. Bill Maher’s show has a certain spin to it and any that watch, know this. This is a crank job looking for money because she’s offended? She sucks at her job and she’s done. No one is going to hire her now. Guess it was her ticket to Section 8, as California is very expensive. That’s one way to get the rent paid. Bottom line, she’s a low life.

      • well its a good thing slavery ended over 150 years ago in this country….

    • You can say nigger all you want in front of black people. Try it let me know how it works out for ya.

  24. Jimmy The Greek

  25. As my father taught me. “Biggers” come in all colors.

  26. I HATE Maher…but this happened ONCE? She’s suing for having been offended? She can always have just got a job that better suited her…

  27. The “n” word is an example of the black privilege that permeates our society. Rap music blares the word all day long, and black men use it freely. But there’s an implied threat of violence of a white person uses that word. So whites are less free — and whites have to get better grades to get into a university or a grad school.

  28. Can’t stand the guy. But if I’m not mistaken he’s either married to or dates a black lady.

    • Gee, then he’s better than someone that just has black friends, isn’t he? Then again, maybe he likes playing the oppressor with his token black lady. I’d cut him more slack if he was in a relationship with a black man.

      • I wouldn’t rule that out.

      • or maybe people can say a word and it not make them racist…..

  29. I’m a constitutional conservative and a conservative christian, and I’ve had my share of annoyance from Bill’s derision over the years, but frankly I feel for the guy this time. He’s been standing up to political correctness for a while now. If we’re ever going to get beyond the progressive-led wave of racism that has had our country in its clutches in the past decade, it’s going to take a change of heart similar to what we’ve seen from Maher. Keep reevaluating, Bill!

  30. If it wasn’t for Bill Mahar, I wouldn’t have a hateful bone in my body. If there is one man in the world I would love to punch in the face, it is he.

  31. Papa John lost his job and his Pizza company for using the N word in a conference call, and Bill Maher gets a free pass for using it on TV.

    Double standard much?

    • Not really.

      Papa John (a white guy) used the word referencing blacks. Bill Maher (a white guy) used the word referencing a white guy (himself). In the first case, the use of the word was racially motivated. In the second case, not at all.

      Context is everything.

      • Context indeed. John was referring to Col. Sanders of KFC fame using the N-word and there was no uprising about it. He was defending his right to speak out against the NFL who allowed black players to kneel while ON THE JOB. That of course cost the NFL to lose viewership which they did and Colin K. his job who to my knowledge STILL isn’t hired by a team. Finally, that entire BLM fist rant is built on a lie. If you are WHITE, you don’t say that word PERIOD NOT MATTER the context. Is that clear enough for you Mr. Apologist for Maher? And let’s not even get into Paula Deen who never said anything public like that but did admit at least once in life she did use the N-word. She lost everything too. So again, HYPOCRITE MUCH????

        • what is clear is the double standards here at play.

          its a word…get over it.

          papa john, using it to explain a historical incident is not racist, its academic. and nothing is off limits when it comes to academics.

          these attacks on people who say a word is disgusting, and it only proves that those doing the attacking are exactly that word.

      • Papa John Pizza founder, didn’t loose his company, he step down for his racial slur towards someone else. Besides that the guy is unhappy with the Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. He felt like the team losses hurt his business and this was from the a couple seasons back. He hitched his wagon to the wrong Americans team. Two years ago, you gotta love the team with all of that glitz and glamor, they had the wrong quarterback playing at that time. Tony Romo was the starting QB and Papa Johns sales suffered.

  32. Papa johns guy just lost his company for less use of a WORD. DOUBLE STANDARD MUCH?

  33. Sorry tired, we were thinkingsame thing. You beat me to the punch. Likeyouim about fed up with this fake outrage.

  34. Is that word illegal? If so, since when?

    Has she made similar complaints towards any of the multitude of black rappers and performers who use that word daily? If not, why not?

  35. Rick, you have never had sex, well. Maybe a video game. Clean your sticky game controllers and pay your grandmother some rent. 45 and in in a basement? Maga……get with it lad….

  36. Lib/regressive hypocrisy in action…….such a bunch of open minded and tolerant dweebs. Funny how they fire their own for espousing exactly the BS they spew to everyone else…..but really hope Maher gets his azz handed to him by a jury…..you can bet that this would be front page trash if it had been a conservative commentator.

  37. Mr. Mahar is less than a scum bag. Please, any of you scum bags out there , don’t take offense.

  38. The usual double standard.
    Papa John’s loses everything.
    But.this creep just keeps going.
    A hard rain is gonna fall very soon.
    Didn’t he say something about Muslims that would now be Hate Speech?

  39. He was never a libertarian, only a super liberal!
    Libertarians are conservatives.

  40. What do you expect from someone named Shonitiquatilasha. Anyway, she’s a negro. You expect anything else from her?

  41. Maher is such a nasty, arrogant, and myopic little c-nt.

  42. “Maher is such a nasty, arrogant, and myopic little c-nt.”

    You are showing great restraint.

  43. In other news, Jay-Z, who has used the N-word 23,354 times in his songs, saw his net worth grow to roughly $900 million.

  44. Papa John is tricked into saying a word and instantly loses his entire business and status. Maher says it on live TV and is applauded.

  45. Amazing considering Papa John was toast and gone in just 2 days for less than the same thing?

  46. Since Maher isn’t black, his comment is not a slur.

  47. “Anti-racists” say there’s a RACE problem. They say it’ll be solved when non-Whites pour into ALL & ONLY White nations and “assimilate” to get a brown mixture.

    They say only White nations have this RACE problem; they say non-White nations are fine.

    If I object to my own genocide these “anti-racists” say I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    They say they’re anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  48. Of the late night comedians none are funny and all seem to believe they possess special insights into politics and culture. Comedy is hard work, and the current crop just isn’t conscientious enough to make the grade. Its much easier to be crass, crude and sarcastic – poor substitutes all for an honest laugh.

  49. hmm i kind of remember one of Maher’s ex-girlfriends (a black woman) claiming that he used the word in a degrading manner: http://thesmokinggun.com/file/bill-maher-hit-palimony-suit
    Maher has a long history of stereotyping and demeaning large groups of people. When the camera is on, he usually attacks convenient targets like Christians, Muslims, Republicans, Southerners, etc. When the camera is off, I wonder what other groups he enjoys belittling?

  50. I’m so glad, I’m so glad, I’m glad, I’m glad, I’m glad. I guess you might call me the man from glad. All though I’ve been called worse, maybe I should sue too. No I’m too glad.

  51. Look at all these Drudge morons, grasping at a tangential thread of a straw because Bill Maher irks them.

  52. Allow business owners to hire or fire whomever they want. Here is a proposal from my book:

    “The right to own property. Property owners shall choose whom they employ and who their customers are. They shall choose which products to sell. Congress and the States retain Eminent Domain powers, but must give property owners just compensation and cannot take land from one owner and give it to another owner.”

    – A New Constitution for a Free People

  53. When are black people going to learn that the DEMOCRAPS don’t like them they just want their vote. They always say they are going to help black people but never do. Hope you win your lawsuit that guy Maher has no respect for no one. Remember the DEMOCRAPS are and will always be the KKK.

    • Remember black people to get your advice from guys called Billy bob

  54. Justice will come rolling down the hills
    Martin Luther King Jr.

  55. The n word was invented by whites as was the the word ‘negro’ . So it seems use of either word by Blacks would be cultural appropriation.

  56. Maher said he was a “house n——” in response to guest who invited him to work with him “in the field”. Bad joke. But yeah. Thugs can & do use the word; White people? Why go there? It doesn’t make you COOL.

  57. no wonder slaves were whipped

  58. An example of doing real time with Bill Maher. You get fired from your job.

  59. Home come negroes can say nigger til the cows come home, but if a half Jew says it it’s a big deal? Hypocrites much?

  60. he is as racist than P Diddy who also said that word.

  61. This is an employment lawsuit, not a free speech lawsuit. Hire any privileged class member, you will be sued. Such lawsuits explain why highly productive white males are being fired immediately. Companies are trying to avoid ruinous litigation. I do not blame Shonitria. I blame rent seeking lawyer judges for these ruinous and worthless claims.

    Here is something Shonitria does not know. She will not be able to deduct legal expenses from any verdict or settlement. She may end up owing the IRS more than she receives, and have to borrow to pay the tax bill on the payout. Her employment has not explained the tax consequences of her lawsuit. Nor has he likely warned her, she will never work again.

    She gets $1 million. It all goes to the law firm by agreement. There are expenses of $400,000. That leaves $600,000. The law firm gets its fee, 1/3 or $200,000. That leaves $400,000. She will be taxed by the IRS and by the state on the full $million. She may owe $500,000 in taxes. She will have to borrow $100,000 to pay the tax bill.

    Then, you can all laugh.

  62. A little torn between defending free speech and hoping sanctimonious Maher takes a hit from this. Was it inappropriate? Maybe. Should the studio have engaged the offended workers? Probably. But, ultimately I support and defend his right to say “nigger” in ANY context.

  63. Former Liberal Democrat Senator and white man Robert Byrd referred to himself as a “white nigger“ while serving in the Senate. He kept his job.
    Liberal TV talk show host and white man Bill Maher referred to himself as a “house nigger“ while on the air. He kept his job.
    Papa John’s founder and white man used the “n-word“ while on a private phone call. He lost his company.
    If Liberals didn’t have double standards they would have no standards at all.

    • Pretty much. You can always tell an ignorant leftist Maher apologist who says what John said was different that what Bill said. No, it was not. John was referring to KFC founder Col. Sanders getting away with saying that word and the Col. didn’t get any backlash unlike John who said he got way more backlash just for speaking out against the NFL kneelers. And John didn’t even say the N-word about that! It’s just disgusting what the white left can get away with on racist, sexist, and homophobic comments. Note that they always say “it was a joke” when cornered. Pathetic cretin scumbag hypocrites. Every disgusting LOT of them.

  64. Bill Maher should be terminated immediately for his insensitive racial slurs.

  65. The lawsuit will continue because of the adverse employment actions. Sadly Maher will be unscathed because calling himself a name isn’t the crux of the suit.

  66. Ridiculous. He was referring to himself, and it was a joke. We can debate about it’s appropriateness but,it was,said off the cuff in,a rapid response to a conversation. For a people who have survived so much injustice, intolerance, and abuse you need to stop being so sensitive and selfish. Context matters.

    Looks like an attempt to extort. That’s wrong also.

    • John of Papa John’s was referencing what KFC Founder Col. Sanders saying the racial epithet and nobody, the black community specifically or bed wetting white liberals, had a problem with it. Unlike them having a problem with John’s comments about the NFL not addressing the stupid kneeling actions from players. No non-person should EVER use that word no matter the intent. As one black friend told me, that’s sacred ground. And yes, John was wrong doing that as well. You just DO NOT go there. EVER.

      • No non-WHITE person I meant….

      • Would all you so called respectful Republicans stop the comparisons to papa John’s owner….. col sanders NEVER said the word. Go look it up please. Pappa john should not have lost his job except for lying to people about the col sanders comparison that never happened. OMG!!

  67. I love watching the left eat their own.

  68. nigger, nigger, niggeR, niggER, nigGER, niGGER, nIGGER, NIGGER ! , LOL, I love niggers.

  69. I love Bill Maher and I doubt very seriously if he is a closet racist. I see nothing wrong with the content in the way he used the N word. He was making an example. Our people need to stop using it so lightly if it’s so offensive. It shows a sign of ignorance.Bill Maher is as real as they come .

    • Tell that to John Schnatter of Papa John’s pizza chain fame or Paula Deen for that matter. The fact you love Maher says all I need to know about your lack of understanding double standards and hypocrisy by a leftist.

  70. This is gayest thing I’ve ever heard.

    It’s sad, because Bill Maher now has to think “Will Ice Cube approve of this?” when he talks about something.

  71. I love when the left eats its’ own. Hope she takes him to the cleaners and gets mugged of her winnings after she collects.

  72. “I doubt very seriously if he is a closet racist. I see nothing wrong with the content in the way he used the N word.”

    That is a laughable and ignorant statement. You have no idea about how all of this works. YOU don’t get to define ‘racist’. Closet or otherwise.

  73. Well, I can’t stand Bill Maher. I despise him. He is what is wrong with this country today. He get’s a huge stage to voice is moronic opinions. It is hypocritical for him to get a pass after other people have spewed stupidity and have been persecuted for it.. That being said, – Freedom of speech. He was not yelling “fire” in a crowed theatre. He was exercising his Constitutional rights. He wasn’t even referring to a person of color, he was referring to HIMSELF. If it was okay with his employer, then fine. Their choice. If a woman of color takes offense to it and works for the same company, makes a big stink of it and rounds up her black female co-workers to fight back, she needs to leave. It was her companies choice. No laws were broken. However if her efforts disrupted the company’s normal operation, then she should be fired.

  74. Maher was already given a Hillary-Pass for his Freudian slip

  75. Maher is a despicable sawed-off moron who lives off his profane rants against Republicans. He should do a 180 & start pointing out that most Libs are America-hating faggots who should commit mass-suicide for the good of America.

    • He’s an entertainer who’s opinions are payed for. If you can make a show that draws in millions, have at it.

  76. Why is he still on the air, yet Rosanne isn’t?

  77. I’m so sick of this crap. I remember that episode and the subsequent show with some crap/rapper who said that nigger is “their” word and only “they” can use it. The crap/rapper actually had a list of who can use it and when it’s inappropriate for any other person to use the word. It’s sung, printed, chanted, scrolls across the TV screen if you use closed captioning, and verbalized all the time. But now if you’re a person of a particular race, only “you” can use it? You can’t even “sing” the word if it’s a lyric? Says who? Kiss my gorgeous back side. There’s a lot I don’t like about Maher, but he can say whatever he wants. As far as the person suing, she’s no babe in the woods. She has heard and probably said that word a billion times. She’s trying to cover her rear end and hiding behind (pun intended) the “race bait” card. I hope he wins and she’s black-listed (pun intended) to work in that town.

  78. I despise Maher, but this is another ridiculous example of how warped our society has become. Stop already.

    I’m going to sue every rap artist that has used this word.

  79. HAHAHA so the self-appointed leader of the liberal movement is being sued for using the N-word. This couldn’t happen to a better person. I needed this laugh today. Thanks Bill

  80. I hope they fry Bill! Fun to watch a big lib get some of their own medicine.

  81. Another “holier-than-thou” liberal with a big, vile mouth gets the “social justice” he always convicts his Conservative opponents with. These members of the Hate America Industrial complex are all alike, and thrive on the fact that their PC rules do not apply to them.

  82. OLYMPIA — Washington state senator Alex Deccio, R-Yakima, used the racial slur a “n-gger in the woodpile” to describe another legislator, Rep. Tom Campbell, R-Roy, during an argument over a bill, prompting some black leaders to demand the senator’s resignation. Both men are white/

    I’m sure those “black leaders” will be demanding Bill Maher’s resignation as well. Right?

  83. I hate to come down on the side of bigot Maher, but perhaps ATTN was simply clearing up a hostile environment by removing a very hostile employee.

  84. Another case of an ultra-liberal atheist expressing his true inner feelings and thinking he can get by with saying anything because he is his own “god” and admires himself so much that he has to put down others to reward his own self serving ego … I have never seen a bigger jerk! He will one day bow before the Living God and answer for his denials and his radical words.

  85. This law suit could also mean that the CA Dems are not fund raising like in the past (could be all that dirt in SF/US citizens getting murdered by illegals on the streets of their own country?)..That Maxine/Kamala/Nancy/Newsom (he recanted his single payer after winning his primary) are bad for CA Dem fund raising. So they are now suing their allies.

  86. She got fired, I figure- not from complaining about a word that is on the Endangered Script List, but for getting a bunch of other Negroes too riled up, causing too much disruption in the house- for herself to remain a house nigger.

  87. As long as the ‘ race card’ pays money it will be used. I has already been used for decades costing taxpayers trillions.

  88. The much maligned “N-Word” is simply a dialect or southern U.S. accent way of saying “negro”. Negro is at it base Latin for black. Those that speak Spanish to this day still use the word negro when referring to black people…the word means “black”. That’s it.

    Now, when a person points at someone that is not black and says they are acting like an “N-word”, they are simply saying that person is acting like a black person.

    When a black person calls another black person “my N-Word”, he’s simply saying, “my fellow black man”, but if one were to interpret it the way politically correct nut-jobs do, he would be referring to the other black man as his slave.

    It all began as simply the southern accent shortening the word negro. And they called all black people that because all it meant was “black”. But it has become a slur that essentially means a black person who is ignorant and also a bit silly in their mannerisms…and perhaps inherently criminal…as it is perceived by non-black people. For me its become a basic descriptive of anyone of any color who acts like an ignorant, silly, gangsta wanna-be black person. White people nowadays act this way too. They are often called “wiggers”. When I see a white country hick act this way, I call them “Chigger”. There are few things funnier in life than a Chigger.

  89. She was bitching about the First Amendment on company time.

  90. Sir Billie has the brains of dog feces. And, If that chick shoujd sue anyone, it should be her parents for giving her the name Shonitra. Sounds like a intestinal disorder.

  91. SO BIll Maher calls himself a house nigger… and a person who works for a company he is part owner in is offended by the racial slur? Was she called a house nigger? I don’t even understand the standing she has to demand a meeting. Becasue somehow a company he has stock in controls his albeit foul mouthed, comedic rants? Nah, not seeing this. Being offended does not make it a crime.

  92. I believe the standard is that Maher should be fired from the job, at least if he were a Conservative leaning person that would be the standard and the lawsuit would never have taken place as just the allegation would have been enough to rain down the maximum punishment.. Hopefully the woman will win her lawsuit and the Conservative punishment can take place.

  93. How ironic , The only word in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and continuously blurted out on Urban and Hip-Hop radio in song lyrics that White people are not allowed to utter in public or sing along when used in a song , what a F’in joke . If Black folks and libtards are offended and don’t like it being used by other than black folks then take it out of the dictionary and disallow it’s use on public Radio broadcast , that’s when the general public will know we don’t live in a free society with freedom of speech without fear of violence or persecution .

  94. Context! No one remembers the joke? Maher was making fun of himSELF when he said it. If he was a slave he would have been a house one…that’s kind of obvious, almost a fact. He wouldn’t have survived in the field, but he’s capable of pulling off the attitude required in the house. He was calling himself a lightweight. I didn’t hear racism in it. And ps, comedians are paid to tell jokes and say outrageous things. Not like hearing it from lawmakers etc.

  95. All the so called conservatives who back the guy in the white house, I refuse to use his name, don’t like Bill Maher because he calls them out on their be, he also calls out liberals for their be. I try not to use the n word but sometimes I do and guess what I use it in describing a lot of white people I know. Look up the meaning of the word in the dictionary! Those folks at Fox news love and support 45 for defending the klan and the murder of a young woman in Charlottesville, ” there’s good people on both sides” Cut me a break. Someone who calls themselves a compassionate conservatives is a prime example of an oxymoron!!!

  96. That should be on their bs not on their be

  97. Let us first tell the truth. Black Americans are NOT offended by the N word, in most instances. What do I mean? I hear blacks refering to one another using the N word a lot. It is used in a sense to insult by using it in the same way you might call someone a jerk, or A….hole. Only when used by someone of another race, mostly white people, is it offensive. Blacks use the word in black slang, as in N….a. The A on the end. Whites say the N word with the full pronunciation with the R on the end. It shouldn’t make a difference, but using the N word, in it’s full pronunciation with the hard R is very offensive to them. It all makes no sense, because it should be offensive, no matter who uses it, and no one of any race should use it, in any form, if you are truly offended by it.

  98. Political correctness was an attack dog bred and raised by liberals to sic on anyone not liberal. Dog’s done gone buck wild and is biting everyone now, gonna have to put that dog down. Can’t be having the plantation managers being bit by this dog.

  99. Her sensitive ass needs to go work Burger King or a local burger joint, where she can help her own make screwed up burgers fries. Want to be employed with the big boys and then cries like a litle bitch because of a “word”. No wonder there is still racism. F— Colin K, and Malcolm Jenkins too

  100. Let me break it down for you. Anything in media is suspect. If we just start from there with critical thinking and understand that anything that comes from television or any other media is filtered and being used for someones agenda, even if it is just to make money, we are already ahead of the game. But, that would be a critical thinking populace, can’t have that.

    Everyone is being baited as usual. White people crying foul for being prohibited to socially use the “N” word. It is nigger and we all know what its intended usage is. It has been co opted in the black community for ages now as a form of empowerment, or so they’ve been told. The media loves to bait all sides.

    Squabble, fight, get righteous, harbor hate and divide more more more over non issues. Your new leader, old leader, next leader that you all keep following has you all entranced on shiny balls that don’t exist. And the Chinese finger trap works beautifully. It has layers in place to keep everyone rooted in their belief system. No one can make a move without crying foul and it all gets manipulated and people keep falling for it over and over. My side, my side, my side!

    • I remember as a white kid in Cleveland during the 70’s black people calling each other that, gorillas, chimps all the time.
      I remember hearing white people call black people those same words.
      I myself and whites in our enclave were called racial names by blacks.

      No matter who said what to who and what race the common thread was the emotions behind the slur.
      When i heard blacks call another a gorilla it wasnt a compliment.

  101. She decided she would devote time on the clock to a campaign against one of the investors in her employer. There was a perfectly legitimate “series of adverse” actions taken against her because she engaged in a series of disruptive activities and insubordination. If you engage in solicitation of coworkers and polticial activism on company time using company property, that’s something that you need to be fired for. There is no right to free speech on your employer’s property, there’s no discrimination law that protects political activism on the clock.
    I sincerely hope she and her scumbag lawyers are forced to pay damages to her employer for this frivolous suit.

    OOOOOOO did I offend you??????
    Fuck you, how about that.
    The west is so fucking enslaved to the latest totalitarian Marxist agenda it is beyond
    human imagination. Little fucking headless faggots.

  103. You idiots made us lose Roseanne with this sensitive crap. Luke Skywalker (Black as Coal) from 2 Live Crew, screamed first amendment ( freedom of speech) for YEARS, I didnt hear you disagreeing then, or creating chaos because he was degrading white woman. Only when you can take advantage or get pity, no place in the US for weak crybabies. Keep shippin out Trump.

    • While 2Live was rapping i remember how heavy metal was being trashed in the media and by Tipper Gore.


  105. Look at the level of splitting hairs we are getting into.
    I cant stand that man, but he can say what he pleases because that is how bigotry or truth is brought into the light of opinion. Free speech IS free speech if you like it or not. Him using that word is not inciting violence but it was tasteless and made a person feel bad. I dont like that word in music or when anyone-black or white-uses it. But it happens.
    What we are seeing is a systematic destruction of speech along ideological lines. Zero tolerance backed up many times with curses or fists, ostracized, losing ones job and being destroyed. It used to just be pointed at ideological enemies of the Left, not they are literally eating their own. All of this has made things vastly worse than i remember them in the 80’s to the early 2000’s.
    Have i been called racial names? Yes. Do i want to burn the world down for it?
    No thats ridiculous and the sign of an angry and disturbed person.

  106. How come this committed lefty gets to keep his job when Papa John used the same word to say what Colonel Sanders said and lost his?

    • And on top of that we LOST Roseanne, because we dont honor the 1st amendment anymore. In a country where THEY can call Trump every name in the book, but we cant say Monkey? F—- that, F—- Colin Kaepernick, F—- Malcolm Jenkins, and definately F—- February! This is how I feel and I am not prejudice. So imagine how the prejudice ones feel.

  107. Sorry, in this country there are no words that black can say that white people cannot. As for your job performance I have no idea. And frankly, do not csre.

    • He said craker alot too.
      and over at All in the Family they did too……..

      Actually i think we were more open and tolerant in the 70’s than now

  108. I am totally against people having to forfeit their lives for their use of language, whether career or reputation. That being said, if Papa John’s founder, John Schnatter, can be forced to resign his post at the head of a company he created, then Bill Mahr should be held equally to task. What’s crazier here is the main stream has not so much as muttered anything about these comments in over a month. In fact, given the disdain he shows for religion of any sort, not disagreement with, but contempt and insulting remarks, I am amazed that no one has stepped up to put him in his place.
    Yes it is his show. Yes he has First Ammendment Rights to say what he will. But if we bounce Rosanne Barr for expressing her admittedly, crappy views, then why not Mahr? Why does he get a pass?

  109. Loony left mouthpiece Bill Maher (or his company) being sued for discrimination??? Oh the IRONY!!! Of course, this new notion that every time a white person utters the N word, regardless of reason or context, its akin to a hate crime, makes the lawsuit rather silly. Nonetheless, it would be nice if that phony stooge Maher reaps what he hath sown.

  110. I hate bill Maher.
    He has every right to say any damn word he chooses.
    Whoever this moron is that’s suing him should be forced to take a class on the first amendment.

  111. If there is true racial equality to be found then anyone can use the term nigger. Are black people a weak protected class. Do they need special language allowances. Or are we all to be treated as equals. So if that is the case and everyone is to be treated exactly equally then anyone and everyone can freely use the word nigger.

    • Amen, and Fuck February too.

  112. Seriously? They need to clean up their own side of the street and get a life. My black co-workers say nigga all the time. Screw shonita or shaniquiqua or whatever prison ready name she has.

  113. Typical leftist double standard.

  114. Every good minority knows to keep their problems to themselves.

  115. Interesting the Founder of Papa John’s is kicked out of his office and fired for doing the same thing. Bill needs his butt kicked.

  116. It’s not about race.
    It’s about Bill Mahr being a complete turd.

  117. So the plaintiff has to prove she’s not a nigger?

  118. It doesn’t matter what ur race or religion is. If ur causing problems inside the company you work for, they have every right to fire you. This persons race is not relevant as to why she was fired.

  119. What the wight man did to this planit with nuclear proliferation. IT’S TIME TO WORSHIP THE BLACK MAN, AND GO BACK TO WORKING WITH NATURE.

    • You need to text Webster Tyrone. Then come back

  120. Just using the term, no matter the context, is a fireable offense?
    I don’t understand why anybody would use the N word. However, the way Maher used it, was to denigrate himself, nobody else. Tasteless yes, but being incredibly outraged by his use of the word is completely uncalled for. This woman got herself fired for her over-the-top outrage and leftist hysterics and organizing her black co-workers against the company is similar to the hysteria that overtook Evergreen State College last year. There was no there, there.
    Similarly, the Papa Johns guy used the word to bring home a point as to how it shouldn’t be used. A mob attack from the left, left him unemployed.
    Why is it OK to say “the “N” word”, when it represents the offensive word? And, how is such a repulsive word a term of endearment if a black person says it, and a criminal offense if anybody else says it?

  121. Ok here is my opinion you can like or not everybody needs thicker skin it’s a word nothing more just like all the other words out there people get hurt feelings over. Life is too short to spend all this time and energy fighting and arguing over the use of a word that someone doesn’t like.Now about are wonderful government that’s what we need to focus on. Goverment was founded on this government for the people by the people it’s not anymore government is all about the politicians stuffing there own pockets. The proof is when they put a price tag running for president anyone in this country should have the opportunity to run for office with out putting alot of money in the pot.Once we all come together and that’s black white green yellow red nothing will change

  122. Can I sue for being called a “honky modafukker”? It felt kind of derogatory.
    Nigger – Wikipedia

    In the English language, the word nigger is a racial slur typically directed at black people. …… The point: Nigga is evaluatively neutral in terms of its inherent meaning; it may express positive, neutral or negative attitudes;.

  123. Government takes 50 to 60% of your personal property and the left, and sadly some on the right, bitch and moan about this shit.

    Good Lord…

    Free My People Now dotcom

  124. I hope she loses. This is an on going effort to legitimize racial discrimination against whites.

  125. Be honest…we don’t like Them and they don’t like us….move on.

  126. Bill Marhe is nothing but low life.

  127. N word NOT BIG DEAL. add all N word mentions in rap lyrics , multiply by number of estimated listens plus mentions in concerts.
    BS hypocritical by blacks to feign hurt when whites mention.
    N word : use u early n often or we all never use again.

  128. I despise Bill Maher, but I despise N-suits worse. Blacks feel it’s OK to call each other n-i-g-g-e-r yet if a non-black says it, they get to sue and cash in.

  129. To quote the Right Honorable Dave Chappell, “Nigga please!”

  130. The difference between Him and Roseanne is he said on his talk show on a cable premium channels which is designed to provoke, Roseanne’s was a public tweet, and not a line from her show. ABC is also owned by Disney which didn’t help her situation any. As far Maher’s anti religious beliefs have nothing to do with this situation. I don’t personally agree with them, but as a honorably discharged combat veteran I swore an oath to protect and defend the Constitution for every American. That includes free speech, right to protest. I don’t have a problem with NFL players kneeling during the anthem, I didn’t take an oath to defend the national anthem or for that matter the flag.
    Can we all act like grown ups and quit crying over childish issues. Seems to me she caused a hostile work environment with her friends which may have caused her termination.
    Lastly this is a very small part of our justice system, stupid wasteful lawsuits. We all as Americans should be up in arms over the inequality of how that system treats whites and minorities so vastly different, with the minorities getting shafted!!!

  131. One more thing if you don’t like Bill Maher’s and want to protest against him cancel your HBO subscription or don’t suscribe to it.

  132. I can’t stand Bill. But he did not really direct the N-Word (feel stupid even writing that) to any one individual. So context does not even matter only that it is used. As for the person bringing the lawsuit, it sound like she was fired for more than just trying to organize other employees in protest. Oh and by the way you are not entitled to protest on the job. So I am not sure what she thinks she is going to accomplish here.

  133. What happened to freedom of speech? People of all colors find things distasteful. Get over it. Too many different colors of snowflakes having meltdowns and costing taxpayers money in court cases.

  134. I’m a black male and I support Bill Maher. He gets a pass from me especially in the context in which he used it. Personally the N word is not okay but we have to look at the context it which it was said. He was not some person using it to disparage another person but drawing a reference that we black people know all too well. Even the great Malcom used the reference in his speeches, (House N and the Field N, or did we forget). Now, some of the comments from some of you on here is what really needs to be adressed. Seems like you are more of a problem than Mahers comment. Yeah, those of you who white people are the ones being discriminated against.As far as the woman goes who filed the complaint maybe she will win. Who knows. I do however find it suspect that it alleges she had to rally office support before filing her compaint. If she was so offeneded as she says she should have filed the complaint alone and stood her ground. There is also questions surrounding her performance. Again I don’t know the answer as far as she is concerned. I once filed a discrimination complaint and told no one until it ran its course. I let my performance speak for itself and the situation which occured in predominatly white workplace was resolved in my favor. I was surprised that most of my co- workers supported me after they found out what I did.

    • God Bless you My Man. My brother in law is black and we look like twins when together. He his no more a nigga then I am. I grew on the streets in Kankakee IL , I will say Nigga any fucking time I want. It is the presentation and delivery. I felt your reply homey!

  135. You people are twisted if you think the white man greed the black man. Read up on the Reconstruction of the South. The Republican party has been praised as the party of freedom but in reality they have back all the land to wealthy southerners and again the slaves were left out. No land,no voting… Grant built the trans cont railroad with no regard to indigenous people. He sent cavalries to slaughter and steal land for his train. You need to research our brutal history and stop spreading your racist propaganda. White people have always ruled since they arrived. They still hold on to their racist history with pride like all of you.

  136. Maher is an investor in ATTN. Maybe she shouldn’t have been fired, but what is her company supposed to do to Bill Maher?
    I watch Real Time regularly and I saw the episode referred to, and I wasn’t offend. I was more offended when Ice Cube said the “N” word is ours and you can’t use it or something to that effect. If I call myself an AssHat. How can I get upset if you call me one, even if you use the right tone? We have to stop calling each other derogatory names before anyone else will. And yes the “N” words is derogatory no matter how you spin it. White people will never stop calling black people the “N” word, cops will never stop unjustly killing Black people, until we stop doing it to our selfs. And no it doesn’t justify what they do to us, but it makes it a whole lot easier for other to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the injustice.

  137. Bill Maher, only insulted himself, he’s also a comedian. One of his friends is Rapper Christopher Reid, known as “Kid” of Kid and Play!
    He wasn’t defaming anyone else. What gets me is that African Americans want to listen to Rap music and in the lyrics you’re being called Nigga every 10 seconds. Yes words have different meanings in this country. But for us to approve of a derogatory word on the radio on a daily basis, is idiotic! The government should censor the word all together!
    Sorry for who ever felt he was wrong for insulting himself, you should pack your bags and move to another country. Because if it was me you brought chargers on, in which I was insulting myself? You’re screwed! I watched that particular show and I love him! I am also African American, get over yourself!

  138. Bill Mahr used the word in his comedy monologue! Maybe it was a misjudgement on his part. But he’s a comedian! Not a politician or our idiot president. Who by the way, said he loves the uneducated! Said if he ever ran for office he would run as a Republican because their stupid. Then had the balls to rip on immigrants but married one. Stated he was going to rid our country of chain migration, but his mail ordered bride was allowed to bring her relatives here! Hypocrisy runs deep! All the while our president is making money from his position. Along with his family! Meanwhile, you idiots who voted for him still support him. Even though he’s in Putin’s hip pocket! Patriots my ass! You conservatives use to keep track of Obama’s golf outing! Trump has probably golfed more in his first year than Obama did in eight.

    Bill Mahr made one misjudgement! Only brought damage to himself. In which he apologized for unlike our dickhead president. Who wouldn’t serve our country due to bone spurs! That ripped on John McCain who was captured or a gold star family. Kneel during the National Anthem and he wraps himself in the flag quick!

    It’s a joke! The rest of the world is laughing at us! The country is divided and the swamp has turned into an ocean. We have freedom of speech, but not without consequences. If Mahr looses will this open the door to sue Trump. With one scandal after another!

  139. He called himself a house nigger? Why would she find that offensive? It was him describing how he felt. And he makes a living doing provocative commentary. It’s what he does. Freedom of speech still exists. The question is the resulting behavior of the complainant. Was her behavior inappropriate and contrary to to company policy? Was she just making a big deal over it to make some money? Those are pertinent questions the court case will be exploring.

  140. I see a lot of “whataboutism” and false equivalency in these comments. Sure, every race, creed, and nationality has committed acts of violence against those labeled as “other” at one time or another. The point is, to learn from the past, and to forge a better
    future. As to the merits of this particular lawsuit, I leave it in the capable hands of our system to render a just verdict. We should never condone abuses of power; but seek to hold those in power to account . As to whether Ms Anthony had a right to be upset, context does matter. Mr Maher did not mean to cause harm with his coarse language; and subsequently apologized. But into today’s climate of heightened sensitivity to racial slurs, I certainly understand Ms Anthony’s anger and distress at Mr Maher’s faux pas. We should all strive to be more civil in our language and actions. I dohope to see the day when the N-word is no longer used by anyone. Its history and pedigree should make it one of those words not spoken in polite company; in fact, it should be eradicated from the English language. It is too loaded a word.

  141. I don’t believe that Bill Maher meant to offend… he’s an uber-liberal… perhaps his use of the word was misinterpreted by the young lady… it reminds me of George Carlin’s bit about ‘part-time dirty words’… said in different situations they can be interpreted differently…

  142. You see the problem here. Despite Bill Mahar being a total hypocrite and using such a disgusting word, let’s face it. Being white, heterosexual, and privileged, Mr. Mahar belongs to the one identity politics group that makes him completely uninvited to partake in the important conversations that other victimhood groups are allowed to discuss and partake in, simply because they possess victimhood points that mean that all he’ll ever be perceived as is a mansplaining, victimizer who nobody is allowed to welcome into the conversation simply because all the oppression and hate in the world falls on his shoulders, being a member of the white privileged, heterosexual, oppressive, cultural appropriation, racist population. If humanity is ever to move past racism, then we need to erase the idea that anyone is any different simply because of their skin color. Being a straight white male myself, I absolutely know that all the victimhood groups simply believe that I’m not even permitted to have an opinion or speak on the matter. Why? Because of my skin color. And the fact that because I’m not a member of the LGBT community, I’m simply incapable of having an opinion, simply because since it’s not coming from a victim group that my only place in the conversation is one of absolute guilt, simply because my whiteness makes me obviously guilty of homophobia, Islamaphobia, Mysogynistic, white privileged, male patriarchy. Mr. Mahar should know better than to feel as if he’s allowed to say anything other than “I’m sorry for my inherent guilt.”

  143. Why is this word so offensive? Does anyone know what it actually means?
    Most blacks and white liberals and Roseanne sitcom cancelers will give you a blank stare if you ask them what it means.
    Most blacks after they were sold to traders b from enemy tribes were sent to the main port at the Niger River.
    During this time period the general population was poorly educated.
    Over time the word to describe the slaves gained another n. The I in the word was pronounced short instead of long.
    The offending word simply means the black skinned people from Niger. Really worth all the bru ha ha right?

    • Excuse my auto correct. It gained another g.

  144. Does it matter that he ended the word with an A, not the R version?

  145. domrbarber@yahoo.com Who cares free speech allows u to say the word nigger and who cares black say it all the time. They treat there own way worse than any other culture does.

  146. Where have you been? Nothing will happen to Kosher Bill because he is Jewish and one of Hollywood’s elites. Had he been a white male he would have been labeled a racist and fired and his apology would not have been accepted.

    In response to:
    Stefan Kozma
    July 16, 2018 at 23:22 pm, Reply
    Home come negroes can say nigger til the cows come home, but if a half Jew says it it’s a big deal? Hypocrites much?

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