Report: Megyn Kelly Headed Back to Prime Time

Jul 13, 2018  •  Post A Comment

With attention focused for months now on Megyn Kelly’s struggles to find an audience for her NBC morning show, the issue of her other NBC assignment — the prime-time program “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly” — has been largely swept under the rug. But TheWrap cites a source who’s familiar with the planning saying the network is about to revive the evening program.

The report says Kelly will host at least one hour-long special on the network in early August, with the expectation that it will be an installment of “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly.”

“Back in March — in a release mostly promoting her interview with Vladimir Putin — the network promised that Kelly would return to the airwaves ‘periodically’ in the spring and summer of 2018,” TheWrap notes.


  1. Please oh please I beg you to get rid of her she has no talent or value to NBC……please do this for the sake you losing viewers in droves!!!!!

  2. Big mistake in hiring her

  3. Paid her all that money and she is more condescending then ever. Get rid of her. She is hurting the network ratings.

  4. I think she is great I enjoy her show immensely ,

    • I enjoy her show also! I also thinks she’s great! Give her a chance, let’s see how she does in Prime time!!

  5. That’s why your the only one commenting positively on her return. No one likes her or cares.
    I stopped watching NBC years ago.

  6. She should be thanking Donald Trump for that huge contracts you got she sucks

  7. Keep her on the air she is great honest and detailed in her reports.

  8. I do not get it! Megyn Kelly has a show with diversified subjects. She gives opposing points of view and will argue either side. Hers is one of the few programs that I trust for both sides of a story and is the only program that I record daily. She’s bright, delightful, funny and superbly well informed on all sides of a subject. I find her delightful and uplifting. What she is doing to inform the public on daily issues as well as expose wrongs is helping to make us aware and in some instances, safe. I hope to someday meet Megyn. I find her program to be intelligent tv.

  9. I like her. I didnt like her on the morning show though. It demeans her, shes much better than that. So, good to hear@

  10. I liked her when she was on Fox at night, I didn’t like her new day time show. Put her on at night with better topics. She has covered the ME2 movement long enough

  11. Those who see more positive than negative in Kelly should dig deeper into her background and Probably deeper into their own conscience.

  12. She shouldn’t be on TV anywhere. She is horrible.

  13. I like Megyn Kelly, but think her talents are better used in a different format and time. Wishing her much success.

  14. I enjoy her show.It is the only day time show I watch I like to see the different opinions on subjects A very smart show

  15. Megan was much better on fox. The bubble style is so fake. She’s silly shows her lack of common things. Her clothes and hair are bad. More classy when on Fox. Boring content and stories.

  16. I love her morning show! Look forward to watching it daily. She has such a variety of interesting topics and guests. After her show I turn off the TV.

  17. She is condescending & rude, arrogant in her opinions. She’s ruining the Today show!!

  18. Megan Kelly belongs back on Fox with all her Nazi Right Wing Whacko Fox colleagues. That’s where she belongs.

  19. Janet

    I couldn’t stand her on Fox! She was squeezed between two shows That were highly rated and that’s why she did well on Fox. She’s was rude on Fox and would cut people off in the middle of sentences and arrogantly say, “I get it” to very intelligent and important guests. It was so disgusting.

  20. I watched Megyn Kelly, thinking I would not like her. The opposite happened. She talks like an attorney. She was honest, fair, and likable. I began watching her everyday.I think other journalists are trying to destroy her reputation. Miss her show in the morning!

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