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Did CBS Choose the Wrong Firms to Investigate Moonves?

Aug 3, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Almost as soon as CBS announced who would be conducting the investigation into allegations against CBS Corp. Chairman Leslie Moonves and what has been depicted as a hostile corporate environment for women working at the company, at least one red flag went up.

The CBS Board of Directors announced Wednesday evening that the company would be retaining the law firms Covington & Burling and Debevoise & Plimpton to “conduct a full investigation of the allegations in recent press reports about Chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, CBS News and cultural issues at all levels of CBS,” as TVWeek reported previously. The news drew a swift reaction from attorney Lisa Bloom.

Bloom is a civil rights lawyer who has often represented women involved in harassment cases. She also briefly represented Harvey Weinstein early in his sexual misconduct scandal before dumping him as a client late last year.

Bloom took to social media following the CBS announcement, predicting a “wrist slap” for Moonves and accusing CBS of hiring “Big Law defense firms” to investigate Moonves. You can see her tweet below.

In her tweet she wrote: “These are the types of firms we fight on behalf of harassment victims every day. They attack victims and defend perps and corporate inaction.”

The Hollywood Reporter quotes Bloom saying in an interview last year following her resignation as Weinstein’s representative: “I saw this as a unique opportunity to change the way these stories go. In the case of Donald Trump, in the case of Bill O’Reilly, in the case of Bill Cosby, it’s always the same playbook. When the story comes out, attack the accuser, deny, deny, deny, and fight like hell. Having represented a lot of those accusers, I know how damaging that is to them, how hurtful, how scary.”

Her representation of Weinstein, however brief, remains a sore point among Bloom’s detractors, many of whom have responded to her CBS tweet with comments to the effect that her history with Weinstein hurts her credibility. THR notes that Bloom has said the specifics of her withdrawal from the Weinstein case remain covered by attorney-client privilege.

Here’s the tweet Bloom posted Wednesday night …

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  1. The only reason Ms. BLOOM dropped Weinstein is because it would go against her sleazy, “Women are victims” for “slip and fall” (Mark LeVine)- like profit.

    Ms. BLOOM would hug these “victims” with disdain before the live tv cameras just like Jerry Lewis did when he pretended to be grateful as he collected big corporate checks on the MDA TELETHON.

    Fake. Fake and shrewd. Fraudulent, like people who work various systems. But I see right through her antics and messaging. Plus, she wears a wig and looks much older than she is. I don’t like or trust her. Lmao!


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