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Jerry O’Connell Apologizes for the Name of His Show

Aug 8, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Actor Jerry O’Connell has a new show, but even before the show makes it to air, O’Connell has been getting blowback over the show’s title, “Real Men Watch Bravo.”

The New York Post’s Page Six reports that the title was “widely slammed for being homophobic and sexist.” And the backlash prompted O’Connell and Bravo to change the title.

“There will be no more mention of gender in that title or anything; we’re really sorry about that. We really heard everyone’s issues with it, and we made sure to change it,” O’Connell is quoted saying.

The show has reportedly been renamed “Play by Play.”

O’Connell is quoted by The Post saying during a Q&A at AOL’s Build series: “We want to apologize for that title; we didn’t think it was as insensitive. … We heard everyone’s voices when we came out with that title. We don’t want anyone to feel excluded in any way.”

Bravo also issued a statement on the subject, saying: “Real Bravo executives love real feedback. Bravo has always prided itself on being inclusive. This show is a tongue-in-cheek celebration of all things Bravo featuring a diverse range of perspectives. The original title was not meant to be exclusionary.”

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  1. So much outrage for a show so few will watch. And I like Jerry O’Connell

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