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Poll: Almost Half of Republicans Think Trump Should Be Able to Shut Down News Outlets

Aug 8, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Nearly half of Republicans surveyed in a recent poll indicated they believe the president should have the power to shut down news outlets for “bad behavior,” with 44% of GOP respondents expressing that opinion, USA Today reports.

The results of the poll by Ipsos were released Tuesday.

The poll “emphasizes the clear divide between party lines when it comes to the role of the media and its coverage of the Trump administration,” USA Today reports. “Twenty-nine percent, nearly a third, of the more than 1,000 people polled said they believed the news media was the enemy of the American people, a phrase that was coined and popularized by President Donald Trump. That number jumps to 48 percent if you just examine Republicans surveyed.”

The report adds: “While 68 percent of Democrats polled believe that reporters try their best to do honest reporting, only 29 percent of Republicans agreed, the poll shows.”

USA Today notes that only 12% of Democrats said they think the president should have the authority to shutter news outlets.



  2. Clearly, almost half of Republicans and 12% of Democrats have absolutely no understanding of the Constitution of the United States or the First Amendment… nor the other nine, most likely. Based on that document and amendments, which are the framework for our government, I find that the support for the notions reported by this article to be clearly unAmerican and I dare say treasonous.

    You can’t make something great “again” that was never great to begin with… and the America such people want? That country never existed… so it can’t be made great “again”.

    If it had existed, the real America (this one) would not, could not, exist. Such an America would not have had a civil war, let alone one for the reasons this America did. Almost half a million white men would never have offered up their lives to save the union, or so that black men could be free… nor, almost a century later, go on to help the world free a continent from one the most horrific regimes in history.

    The real America never stopped being Great.

    That’s not saying America is perfect. It’s not saying this country is without (and never had) flaws or foibles and doesn’t make mistakes. It does have (and it has had) them and horrendously bad ones.

    But those things aren’t the essence of America… nor Americans.

  3. This is extremely frightening and possibly a hint of things to come.

  4. Apparently this has been “The Plan” all along.

    How long before the Death Camps are quietly built?

    How long before the New “Master Race” is announced?

    How long before these bastards trampling our Constitution are brought to justice?

  5. Not surprised …he wants to be a dictator like his buddy Putin..

  6. The question is: Will the American Public, especially young people, wake up to the fact that the Republican Party has become the National Socialist Party (yes, kids–as in Nazi) of the 21st Century? It is the party of Hate, Racial Division, Overt Political and Economic Corruption, and now, latent Dictatorship. Of course, what would you expect when it’s titular head loves Putin, Duterte, Kim Jon Un, and every other tinpot dictator in today’s world. If anyone needs to see a fictional account of where we are headed first, every young person..and most older ones, should read the great novel “IT CAN’T HAPPEN HERE”. Every Republican politician who talks about their love of country needs to look in the mirror.

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