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Why CBS’s Jeff Fager Won’t Be Coming Back From Vacation Just Yet

Aug 6, 2018  •  Post A Comment

“60 Minutes” executive producer and CBS News mainstay Jeff Fager won’t be returning to his job as scheduled following his vacation, with the AP reporting that the newsman has decided to stay out until the network’s investigation into sexual misconduct allegations wraps up.

A New Yorker article published late last month, focusing largely on claims of sexual misconduct by CBS CEO Leslie Moonves, prompted the investigation. The article includes allegations of inappropriate behavior by Fager.

The article by Ronan Farrow paints a picture of what has been described as a culture of harassment at the network.

CBS has not said whether Fager, who has denied any wrongdoing, is a part of the investigation. But the network confirmed Sunday that Fager would not be back at work today as scheduled.

In a statement, CBS News said: “Having heard the investigation will be wrapping up soon, Jeff has decided to stay on vacation.” The network did not provide further details on when it expects the investigation to be completed.

Moonves remains on the job during the investigation, a decision that has stirred up criticism of the network.


  1. 60 Minutes can survive without both Jeff Fager and Leslie Moonves. Time to move on so I can buy their stock at ex-Moonves pricing.

  2. Whether Fager returns or not, 60 minutes and the rest of CBS news will not be credible as long as Moonves continues to work at the top.

  3. Spoiler alert: he won’t be coming back. Ever.
    And I’m sure it wasn’t his “decision” to “stay on vacation.” That had to come from up high. He was probably told not to return, and to await the inevitable termination announcement.

  4. I hope that Les gets to stay and that Mr. Fager will too. What is more, is that I really do not subscribe to all that is happening with the “go number 2” on “Metoo.” I do not believe in victimhood or believing that people are guilty just because others do. Where is the proof?

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