CNN Founder Ted Turner Reveals What He Thinks Is Wrong With CNN

Sep 28, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Ted Turner has one main problem with the current state of CNN, the cable news network he founded.

Turner said he doesn’t keep up much with the news anymore but still occasionally watches the network he started nearly four decades ago. He talked about it in an interview with Ted Koppel scheduled to air this weekend on “CBS Sunday Morning.”

According to Turner, CNN’s main problem is too much politics.

“I think they’re stickin’ with politics a little too much,” Turner tells Koppel. “They — they’d do better to have — a more balanced — agenda. But that’s, you know, just one person’s opinion.”

Turner, 79, hasn’t had anything to do with CNN for years. In the interview he also discusses his battle with Lewy body dementia, which causes exhaustion and forgetfulness.

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Ted Turner (CBS News)


  1. Ted, sorry to hear that you have moments that are less than “clear headed”.

    What you spear headed and put into the reality of mass communication shook the industry. You want somebody to create, or carry a new idea of your’s through to completion…I’m your “boy”, (eight years your junior…but, with the energy of somebody half my age).

    I look forward to the CBS SUNDAY MORNING piece with Ted Koppel.

    Peter Bright

  2. To Ted Turner: Dear Sir, Your mind is flying beyond any limits. You are reaching and helping the peoples all over the world. With Your Philanthropy Deeds You have proved that Your score had reached much above the amount of money You’ve made. With Your wide spectrum of vision,tremendous energy, deep understanding and acceptance of reality and people, knowledge and experience, rich sole You’ve been planting around wise, kind and eternal. At this difficult time You need to invert your attention to take a good care for yourself. Fresh air, good sleep, healthy food, positive emotions are the best companions in the journey to the Health Restoration. Learning something new will push the neurons work harder to revive and multiply. With my best wishes to You, sincerely Aleksandra Kalinich-Kalinichenko.

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