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Julie Chen Adds a One-Word Wrinkle to the Moonves Saga

Sep 14, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Julie Chen, the wife of ousted CBS boss Leslie Moonves, host of the network’s “Big Brother” and co-host of “The Talk,” appeared to show support for her husband as she returned to work Thursday night on “Big Brother.”

Chen took the week off from “The Talk” after Leslie Moonves exited CBS amid a rising tide of sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations. But she was back on the air Thursday night, and as she signed off at the end of the “Big Brother” broadcast, she said simply, “I’m Julie Chen-Moonves. Goodnight.”

Adding the “Moonves” to her name was a new twist — something she apparently hasn’t done during the rest of her tenure on “Big Brother.” The addition appeared to be a show of support for her embattled husband.

And the Twitterverse went crazy. Yahoo reports that users of the social media site began commenting on the signoff immediately, with many of them expressing shock.

“She really is proud to be married to a sexual abuser,” one Twitter user wrote, adding: “Julie girl, you are officially cancelled.”

Another user tweeted: “Tonight, Julie Chen signed off Big Brother as Julie Chen Moonves, firmly standing w/her husband, a serial sexual assaulter who ruined careers. She is complicit.”

Still another had a prediction: “Julie Chen-Moonves. Pretty much just confirmed this will be her last season of BB.”

And another Twitter user wrote: “‘I’m Julie Chen Moonves’ sounds a lot like ‘This is my two weeks notice.'”

Others on Twitter were supportive. One user tweeted: “Looks like Julie Chen MOONVES is unshakably standing by her man, for better or worse. I can’t place blame on her for what her husband may or may not have done. I have to wish her well no matter what.”



  1. Dumb bitch. She just sees $$$ signs…

  2. So then, whatever happened to “Free Speech” and supporting one’s life partner? Oh, unless others feel as though it is wrong in which to do so. Lmao!

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