Michael Moore Says Trump Could Be ‘the Last President’

Sep 14, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore explained why he thinks Donald Trump could be the “last president” of the United States, drawing parallels between Nazi Germany and the current U.S. political landscape. Moore offered his thoughts during an appearance on the ABC chat show “The View.”

Here’s the clip …


  1. MM belongs on “the view. Worthless slob pos fits right in.

  2. HEIL TRUMP ! … Our Fearless Petty Dictator !

  3. and of course, all of his crooked
    friends who will soon be fascist
    leaders of our new Fourth Reich !

  4. So the USA won’t have a President anymore. They will now call it the Commissioner. [NHL reference alert]

  5. I use to like Michael Moore, 2 decades ago when he actually had something to say…now, not so much.

  6. Michael Moore is a fat f@@k. Next up: Working with Tom Arnold, another worthless sloth.

  7. Not quite sure what slavery has to do with this except it is the automatic card pulled when Democrats are unhappy about something. Dems need to get some people out talking about how they can improve the country and get some leaders under 70 years old to get young voters excited. My kids want to vote Democratic, but don’t bother voting because they don’t see anything being offered but the same old thing by the same old people.

  8. You have it all wrong MM. The true prediction is that Baron Trump will be the last American President, many years from now.
    There will be many years if successful Republican Presidents in the coming years.

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