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Shocker on ‘America’s Got Talent’ Finale: A Fan Favorite Not Only Doesn’t Win, But Doesn’t Even Make the Top 5

Sep 19, 2018  •  Post A Comment

The biggest surprise on Wednesday night’s “America’s Got Talent” finale may be that a fan favorite didn’t even break into the top five.

“In perhaps one of the most shocking results ever on the show, ‘“America’s Got Talent” contestant Courtney Hadwin, did not make the top five finalists,’ writes Kayla Keegan on the website of Good Housekeeping.

Hadwin, a 14-year-old singer who’s been compared to Janis Joplin, was judge Howie Mandel’s golden buzzer pick on the show.

Magician Shin Lim won the competition, with modern dance group Zuraroh the runner-up.

Keegan adds, “As host Tyra Banks narrowed down the competition from 10 to five, [Hadwin,] the 14-year-old English singer, who has been wildly successful on the show since her first audition, was asked to stand side-by-side singer Michael Ketterer. [Contestants] Zuraroh, Shin Lim, comic Samuel J. Comroe and electric violinist Brian King Joseph had already made it, and there was one remaining spot. Sadly for Courtney fans, it was revealed that she didn’t land in the top five — instead, Michael got the spot.

“‘AGT’ judge Heidi Klum went on to say that choosing between Michael and Courtney was a ‘nail-biter’ decision. But for Courtney fans, they feel their favorite was clearly robbed. Some viewers got pretty intense about their feelings — one even declared they were going to revolt (whatever that means).”

Last year’s ‘AGT’ winner was 12-year old ventriloquist Darci Lynne Farmer. In 2016, 12-year-old singer Grace Vanderwaal took the ‘AGT’ crown.

Here are some of the protesting tweets:


  1. This was a season of exceptional talent and there were sooo many that were eligible to win BUT there was only room for one and after all, it was left up to the public to make that decision. All of you that are angry, maybe you should have gotten hold of more phones and voted more. It was a great show all the way through AND the luckiest person WON.

  2. AMERICA’S got talent–NOT Britain’s Got Talent. The contestant in question (14 yr old Courtney) had already appeared on the British version of this show and came in rather high. Keep in mind–Simon appears on both shows.
    Her act is very wearing on the viewer with her one-trick pony dancing and singing. Janis Joplin was one of a kind and in a very different era. I wouldn’t have paid someone like her $1 million for something that doesn’t appeal to everyone.
    The winner is a magician with sleight of hand cards which appeals to far more people than a singer with dated material.

  3. No, she appeared on The Voice Kids, not Britain’s Got Talent

  4. Courtney Hadwin is not a one-trick pony or just a screamer. If the Courtney haters took time to investigate more her videos they would find out that she also can sing a beautiful ballad love song. Secondly, she is unique and original in her dance moves and is representing not outdated music but currently old standards that are in a revival trend within the music culture of America.
    I would pay big bucks to see her! She is deserving of winning America’s Got Talent and the million dollars to promote her in her quest as a solo artist!! We love you Courtney Hadwin!!

    • Courtney Hadwin gets old fast… Janis is gone now kid,no one can take her place..you did not deserve to win.obviously Wussle Ol’ Macdonald has a crush on you,blinding his ears to your screeching ..sorry Russel,get over it..she is done and will fade away,bye bye Courtney

  5. If multiple people want to pay “Big Bucks: to see her, they will probably be able to do so. Losing AGT is not the end of the world. It’s the first day of the rest of her life. What she makes of the rest of her life will be up to her. Good luck to her in whatever she decides to do.

  6. Very well said !

  7. She’ll just keep going on all of Simon Cowell’s show; so, there’s that.

  8. Sunshine…Courtney Hadwin appeared on The Voice Kids UK, which is not a Simon Cowell show. It was created by John de Mol.

    Msg…wow, your comment is so xenophobic and really both silly and sad. Lots of acts on AGT originate from all over the world. But if you really look at it closely, it’s a TV show…for entertainment purposes. If it was called “People who are U.S. citizens got talent” then you might have a point. But in the whole scheme of things, does the title really matter that much anyway? However, all performers must possess either a valid US Work Visa, or other form of legal immigration form that allows them to work temporarily with-in the United States. For all intents and purposes they ARE American workers during the taping of the performances, albeit temporary. – Source: AGT performer requirements.

    That all being said, Courtney Hadwin is a real talent. She doesn’t require fake studio-production nor Auto-Tune to help her out…her voice is fantastic and genuine.

    • IDIOT…one of the lamest posts ever..loser

  9. My wife and I agreed that Courtney Hadwin was the absolute worst excuse for talent on AGT just barely above William Hung from the old American Idol. We couldn’t look or listen to her at all. When she first first went on, my dog howled, my cats started clawing at the windows trying to get out, and my wife slapped me for not hitting fast forward quick enough.

    • Lol! This is music to my ears. I was literally disgusted the first time I saw this kid “perform”. The only thing I can compare her to after watching that , is an epileptic that also happens to be possessed by a demonic presence tripping on acid. You’d think her parents would keep her from embarrassing herself like that. Hell, I was embarrassed just watching that weird ass mess

  10. I think Glennis Grace should have won I’ll never watch this show again .A freaking magician really🤔

    • Good riddance 🙂

  11. If Courtney Hadwin had won AGT…..that would have been the last time I ever watched it. She put on her shy act, then starts singing liked she memorized Janis Joplin. That was my era…… I loved Joplin….. But Courtney pretending to be her is NOT what I like. And the stupid dancing. I wasn’t sure if she had some Michael Jackson, James Brown, or just made up Courtney crap, but She can’t dance, She can’t sing… Oh how she got on my nerves……it was go get a snack from the kitchen time and stay and watch the commercials instead. I think these are teeny boppers who are saying how great she is……or else relatives or friends. I don’t even like the magician who won……Shin Lin…… I liked Daniel Emmet the best and I don’t like opera music. But he had a great voice. And for anyone to take a new song that didn’t know, from Simon during his first attempt and come back and sing it so boldly, blew me away……..And like I said ….. I don’t like opera. It was his voice was amazing. He should have won. Those card tricks from the magician just get old and boring too fast. So I am sooooo glad that Courtney Hadwin didn’t win. As far as Darci and Grace winning the last 2 years and they were young……they were enjoyable to watch. I was so happy both of them won those years. But just cause she is a young 14 year old, pretending to be shy, then in her eyes belting it out……. didn’t cut it for me. She was wierd to say the least. I kinda thought she was related to the vodoo girl who didn’t talk and made me think my tv would stop working after she was done. Well I know everyone has their own views on each contestant or winner…… And that was just my feelings on it. Hope the judges put through people with better talent next year. It all starts with them, buzzing them away or not. Hope they remember that !!

  12. This is why she “lost”: youtu.be/XU2_QFt1NBo

  13. COURTNEY HADWIN WAS TERRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Why is Zurcaroh not in the top spot?!? They are absolutely amazing and have so much more talent and strength than anyone else on that show. Sin Lim is absolutely amazing and talented as hell, but he is absolutely not Zurcaroh.

  14. people who do not like Courtney have no idea what true talent is. When she becomes great you idiots will know how dumb you are ,I want tickets to your show, you took me back to when music was wild and free, unlike what people listen to today. I LOVE Every thing about you. I am 62 and you have true rock in you. I also love your ballads. Never change the world has been waiting for you bless you and KEEP ROCKING!! Rickey in Virginia.

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