Why ‘CBS This Morning’ Co-Host Gayle King Slammed CBS This Morning

Sep 11, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Gayle King, one of the co-hosts of “CBS This Morning,” spoke passionately on the show today about the network’s investigation into allegations against ousted network boss Leslie Moonves.

King focused especially on reports that the results of the investigation will not be made public, saying, “In our own house we must have transparency.”

Here’s the clip, posted by CBS …


  1. Just like when Gayle vacationed with the O’Bamas…While he was president…

    • So what, Jim, you ignorant dumdum. … So Gayle isn’t entitled to a vacation with anyone she wishes? … Why don’t you pull your empty head out of your pathetic a$$ho1e before you make any comments here.

  2. She’s absolutely right

  3. Yet she sat with and worked beside Charlie Rose and said she didn’t know anything was going on. BS

  4. I don’t like it that Gail King refers to the Republican Party as a bunch of white guys in suits…how insulting and racist…not to mention totally out of order …
    White lives matter…too
    It’s about time that the white populous start to voice back
    What do you think?

  5. It my opinion that the nora O’Donnell character is the most opinionated and biased journalist on tv.

  6. Gayle is out of line on James Cordens show when she started talking about ‘ white people being afraid of black people ‘ ….. wake up Gayle, just because we dont want to be around rude ghetto scum doesnt mean ‘all black folks’ . Far too many black folks are racist , and Gayle, You are starting to sound like them. You have no business being on CBS .

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