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Alec Baldwin Doesn’t Like Stephen Colbert — Is This the Incident That Set Him Off? (Watch the Clip)

Oct 10, 2018  •  Post A Comment

A new interview with Alec Baldwin published by The Hollywood Reporter contains more than its share of “jaw-dropping statements,” Decider notes, adding, “but in one particularly jarring moment, Baldwin explains his very personal beef with ‘The Late Show’ host Stephen Colbert, a man he clearly feels isn’t worthy of his time.”

“While Baldwin doesn’t come out and say that he hates Colbert, it’s apparent that he disdains the host’s intrusive brand of comedy,” Decider reports. “In the interview, Baldwin explains that during the promotional tour for his book, ‘Nevertheless: A Memoir,’ in spring 2017, he agreed to go on ‘The Late Show’ to discuss the project. A few minutes into the interview, Colbert asked Baldwin about an incident in which he yelled at a paparazzi, and the actor got visibly uncomfortable.”

Colbert is quoted asking Baldwin: “Sometimes you seem like an angry guy. But you’re handsome, you’re extremely talented, you’re wealthy … . What made you angry?”

According to the Decider report, while Baldwin answered with some “innocent stories” about run-ins with the paparazzi, the actor was “internally fuming.”

THR quotes Baldwin’s account of the incident, in which he says: “I thought to myself, ‘Oh no, oh no, let’s not get into psychoanalyzing me, because I don’t think you’re qualified. And you’ve just reminded me, in the briefest way, why I didn’t do the show all these years.”

Here’s a clip of the interview …


  1. both are low life weasels ….no shock they don’t like each other

    • Come for the TV news, leave a little hatred behind. Seems the thing to do lately.

  2. Jasmine is correct – baldwin and colbert are both garbage 🙄

  3. I thought it was a fine interview. Not sure what Alex’s beef is. Silly.

  4. Me too, I thought the interview was fine.
    Why is Alec Baldwin upset?

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