CNN Calls Out Trump for Hypocrisy on Bomb Scare

Oct 25, 2018  •  Post A Comment

Following Wednesday’s evacuation of CNN’s New York headquarters, a number of the regulars at the cable news channel spoke out strongly about the bomb scare targeting not only CNN but also prominent Democratic politicians.

Much of the attention was focused on Donald Trump, including his role in guiding the nation’s political discourse as well as perceived mixed signals in his response to the incident.

Anderson Cooper said Wednesday: “What happened today was an act of terror.” He added: ‘Terror only works when it produces fear. We are not afraid.”

Responding to Trump’s comments Wednesday at a rally in Wisconsin, Cooper accused Trump of “speaking quite hypocritally” and noted that Trump has called reporters “the enemy of the people.”

CNN’s Chris Cuomo also had harsh words for Trump, saying: “He is at the head of the hate parade, and way too often. Clearly reading prepared remarks at a rally, he seemed not to give a damn.”

Cuomo also said of the bomb attack: “This is scary stuff. … At worst, it was someone trying to kill former presidents and lawmakers, and some of us at CNN. At best it was someone who wanted that threat to be heard loudly and clearly.”

You can see Cuomo’s comments in the second video below.

Below is a clip posted by CNN containing some of the network’s coverage as the bomb scare unfolded Wednesday night, beginning with comments by Trump and Cooper’s brief comments on Trump …

The clip below, also posted by CNN, includes Cuomo’s comments on Trump …


  1. Calling reporters “enemies of the people” is supposedly inciting violence, but having Democratic leaders actually call for confrontation and violence is not.

    Nice try, more fake news from CNN.

  2. Maybe there would be less bombs and violent attacks against both sides if everyone accepted that Trump is president and focus on getting control of congress in November and the 2020 election. If all the energy spent on grinding on Trump was focused on the elections the Democrats could regain control and reverse all of the things he has done. Democrats are demoralized by the continuing harping on Trump and lack of focus from our party. The news networks should be pushing the Democratic candidates and why they are better than their competitors, but instead, every hour of every night is focused on whining about Trump. This is exactly what he wants – the press focused on him and not pushing the House candidates. The press should agree to completely ignore every tweet he sends out for the next two weeks and put all attention on the Democratic candidates that are in close races and could turn the majority in the House back to Democrats.

    • Spoken like a true Republican. Nice try.

  3. Watch how Fox pushes the Republican candidates constantly. The networks are wasting their resources focused on tweets and should be pushing candidates.

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